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About Classic Driver


Hi, my name is Alan, I'm the webmaster. This site is a collection of photos of old cars and trucks and other motorized vehicles. Our main purpose is to show the beauty in these old vehicles, a piece of American/ Industrial art.  My favorite type of picture is like the old forgotten  36 Dodge rust-bucket sitting in the weeds with it's natural patina. 

John, the co-author, seems to have a special love for old trucks exampled by his first love, the light peach 58 Chevy, shown with the unknown dog guarding it.  Our plan is to have all types here.  You will find foreign vehicles here in the future but don't expect too many Porches or Ferraris.  I know where a rusty Vaux-Hall is sitting, waiting to pose for me.

   Many of these photographs were taken with a Sony Mavica digital, others with an old Minolta XG-M and published to Kodak photo CDs.  I primarily use FrontPage 2000 to create and publish these pages.  I'm creating background textures out of  car and truck photos using Photoseam software.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to send an  email.  Thank-you for your visit and enjoy!


Background: John's 59 Ford Pickup Grille