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James' 49 Ford Project

A Work in Progress

These are photos of a 49 Ford F-1 project sent in by James.  He isn't done yet, but it looks like he's gone quite a ways already. Great job, James!

"Before" Pictures
f1before1.jpg (192324 bytes) f1before2.jpg (209427 bytes)

See the "During" pictures here

Or the "After" pictures here

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Update from James - 8/5/00 (new photos are in the "during" shots):

Just thought I'd send some more "during" pictures for your web page. Anyway, I've gotten a different (better) bed for the truck along with better front fenders and also decided to take the truck back down to metal and repaint with an ice blue metallic. The interior is almost finished (with original AM vacuum tube radio!!). I'm in the process of preparing a 302/AOD for installation in the next few weeks. It'll be on the road before summer is over with A/C to help with the East Texas heat!!!!!
I just thought you might be interested,











"During" Pictures
Mvc-008f.jpg (77614 bytes) IntPS.jpg (77054 bytes) Mvc-010f.jpg (86397 bytes)


Cab_drfr.jpg (100752 bytes) Cab_DrivRear.jpg (97600 bytes) Mvc-002f.jpg (89799 bytes)

This is the new Ice Blue. Compare these to the "after" shots that show the old color

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The "After" pictures:

A quote from James:

"I'll send you the after pictures in about another decade"

Well, let's consider these as the "after" shots until then

DSfront.jpg (83551 bytes) PSrear.jpg (95204 bytes)

You can reach James at: 

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Let's see some more Fords





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