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Your Photos

Enjoy sharing your favorite car and truck photos.  All you need to do is have a digital copy and send it to me in the email.

These Instructions are for Beginners and Advanced Users, Please Read:

1)  Get photos of your favorite car or truck.

If you have a digital camera or a scanner, no problem.  Just take the shots and send them to my email, preferably in JPG format (pronounced "jay-peg").  Please send images that you have the copyrights to.  This usually means that it is a photo that you took, not something you picked up off the internet or scanned from a magazine.  You can send images that you don't own, I like to look at stuff, and if it's different enough I'll probably put it on.  In this case it would be great to know what site or mag you lifted it from to give them proper credit.

If you don't have either a scanner or digital camera there are several ways to get around it.  One way is to go to a Kinko's or an office supply store and pay them to scan your photos.  They usually charge by the page so put several photos on one page. If they really know what they're doing, you might be able to get them to scan each photo at a higher resolution, something like 1024 x 768 or higher.  Try to get them to save it in JPG format .  This will make your digital image instantly internet compatible.  Other image formats, like BMP, can be as much as 5 times bigger of a file on your disk. If you have any kind of software that can manipulate digital images, then you can probably cut out and rotate them, whatever it needs to look like a regular photo.  Graphic Workshop is a great program for doing image manipulation.

You might be surprised how little a scanner costs, so another option is to buy one or find another computer user that has one.  It can be a great way to meet new people too.

2)  Put your photos and some comments in an email.

Attach your photos to an email: I set up this mail link to facilitate sending your photos. click here to send your photos .  If you click on the link it will open a new mail window addressed to me.  In Outlook Express you would then go to the menu item called 'Insert' and select 'File Attachment' and then find your photos on your disk and add them as an attachment.  You can also find the photo using 'My Computer' and drag-and-drop it into the body of the email.  This method will also put a copy of your photo into the email window.  Click here to send an email with your questions or comments.

I need some information in this email.  Please, if you're going to all the trouble to send me some photos, you really need to tell me a couple of things... Do you want your name published? Your email address?  Do you want to remain completely anonymous? Here's the list:

Do you want your name published?  How do you want it?  Alfred E. Newman, Al Newman, Al in Colorado..

Do you want to give out your email address?  If you want to give out a different address than the one you used to send the photos, let me know the address.  Most people looking at your photo are interested in old cars or trucks, not in looking for addresses to send mass-mailings to.  So don't be shy.

What year is the vehicle, if known.  Most people looking at the picture want to know this.  I am in the process of getting the years put on all my photos, but that's John's job and John's been busy.

Tell us something about the photos.  This isn't a requirement, but it's great way to personalize a photo.  Do you know the owner? The history?  Anything that may be interesting.  If it's your own project or of someone you know you just have to tell us something about it.  How long did it take?  How many times did you have to re-paint it to get the color right?  You know, if you're talking to the guys or gals at the shop, what kinds of questions do they ask?

Are you selling the vehicle?  If you are you might want to put it in my classified section.  The classifieds on Classic Driver are tied to a network and they get viewed by thousands per day.  And they're free!  I can also put that kind of information with the photo and you can link to it.  If you're trying to sell your vehicle and it's on this site, I would like to put your email address with your photo.

FTP:  I'm going to try letting you upload your photos directly to my FTP site.  We'll see if it works out.  Point your browser here and just drag and drop your file into the FTP folder.  Go to My FTP Site  Good luck, please let me know by mail if you use this feature so I know what files you uploaded.

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