Here are some upcoming events you can look forward to:
A lecture on Roman Wine, Enterprise, and Economy in the Early Empire
Wednesday January 14
The sign-up sheet is on the cork board in Room 9, next to the tall bookshelf.

Sign up for the Medusa Mythology Competition!
This contest is held internationally for high school students on an extensive syllabus of Classical Mythology.
We need interested participants to submit a $3 entrance fee by February 7th.
High scorers will be given an opportunity to write an essay, which will be scored.
The cumulative score of essay and contest will then determine the winner of the
1st/2nd/3rd/Honourable Mention prizes of:
(US amounts) $750/$550/$300/$100.
For more information and preparatory materials, please visit the website:

Movie Night On February the 6th, on a movie to be determined.
$5 for dinner and a movie.

Classics Conference deposit forms are now being given out!
The money is due back soon, as the Conference organizers will charge late fees.
Check out the website at:
Please pick up a form in Room 9 if you have not received one yet.

The MDHS Mythology Competition will postponed until February, due to exams. But in the meanwhile, anyone is free to visit Room 9 to write contests that they have not completed yet.
For each contest, the top ten marks are entered in a random draw for a $10 gift certificate at a music store.
There is a grand prize for the entrant with the highest combined score of his/her top 5 contests!
Please get your packages from Mr. McLaren in Room 9.

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