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Win The Award
Win The Award
We finally have our own award for cute dogs to sign up for and win! To sign up for Cocoa and Spunky's Cute Dog Award you must be a cute dog with a homepage! Since we like all dogs pure bred and mixed, we think all dogs are cute and any dog can apply :) All we ask is that you have some pictures of your dog scanned on your homepage, how can we see your cute dog without any pictures? So to win, just fill out the form below!

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Dog's Name:
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Sweetie: This Pomeranian is really cute! :) Hes so sweet he gave us our first award, and we just thought we might return the favor to him for being one cute dog!!
Pierre and Precious: you should just see these two Pomeranians! They are wonderful! Seems like their mommy and daddy spoil them rotten (as they should!)
Buttons: Look at Buttons! What a cute lil' Boston Terrier, with an all white face which is very uncommon. His mommy thinks his ears are too big, but we think they are just adorable! Don't you?
12 Shelties: Shetland Sheepdogs right here! So cute! Don't you think they kind of look like us, pomeranians? Maybe we are related somehow!
Gretchen and Geoffrey: Check out these two minature Schnauzers! We love them because we don't see alot of minature Schnauzers around the net! They are just adorable!
Dingo: Dingo was adopted by his mommy when he was 4 months, from the human society in San Mateo! Hes such a cutie, and we love the fact that his mommy adopted him from a human society, and he has found a good home!
Abigail Morgan~Duchess of Calvin: Wow! What a long name for such a cute Cocker Spaniel! Check her out! Shes a puppy like us, thats why we especially like her! :o)
Darwin and Orion: these two Cocker Spaniels are just wonderful!! They are sooooooo cute!
Duke and Lugar : Check out these 2 Rotts! They are alot bigger than us, Lugar is 135 pounds! But they really are cute, no matter how big they are!
Casey: Woohoo! The first beagle to win Cocoa and Spunky's Cute Dog award! And we must say, she is one cutie! Check her out, and find out why dog's don't use computers! :o)
Baby & Geisha: Two cute Pugs! Our humans just love pugs, how their faces are so wrinkled and stuff! Check out these two fantastic dogs!
Shooter: This dog is SO cool he even has his own DOMAIN!! Check out these 5 pounds of hot stuff!! Hes so cute!
Joschi: This is Joschi, and he is a Pekingese/Dachshund mix! Pretty cool huh? He is a little German dog, which is even cooler!! Check little Joschi out!
Bailey: Meet Bailey the Parti-Peki!! Hes one cute yet cute dog! Check out his webpage and his beanie babies page!
Mitzi and Rags: Learn the Havanese ABC's ! Visit Mitzi and Rags' Homepage to learn more about this rare but wonderful breed! We know it's rare because we never heard of this breed until we saw Mitzi and Rags! :o)
Rascal: Look at Rascal! He is a black Labrador Retriever cross! He looks SO cool for christmas in his Santa Claus hat, we wish we had hats like him... :o(
Crystal,Brandy,Misty,Nikki,Stormy,Dozer & SnowFlake: Wow! Now thats alot of names! They are all Siberian Huskys, WOW!! Their human's must LOVE Huskys! We do too of course, we happen to think that Siberian Huskys and Pomeranians resemble eachother!
Spike: Look at Spike! He looks just like the "Yo quiero Taco Bell" Chi! If his great HUMAN didn't adopt him, he would have been put to sleep :o(
Jericho: Look at Jericho! We believe he is a rott, but we are not sure! His owner saved him from being put to sleep! :o( Isn't that scary, we just get scared being on that metal table in the vet's place!
Muffin: Check out this mixed brat! Her mom happened to be cruising around and rescued her off the road! she was dumped as a little puppy, isn't that so sad??? Well check out Muffin the cutie!
Santana: Check out this cute Black Cocker Spaniel. He has done ALOT of great work on his homepage, we wish our homepage could be as cool as his is!! Check him out, and join his Millenium Dog Contest!