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Cocoa and Spunky's Cyber Pals
Cyber Pals

Our Cyber Pals

Here are some pictures of some of our Cyber-Pals, and other dogs we met through the internet :)

This is our little Rosie. Well actually, she was our humans. She passed away on September 21, 1998. :o(

This is Andy. Hes a pomeranian. Isn't he just cute? Of course he is!

This is Sweetie (Pom). He sure is a Sweetie! He gave us our first award :) You have to agree with us, isn't he just cutey patutey? Of course! Hes just like us! :o)

This is Mr. Fuzzy the Calender Kitty Model! He is Sweetie's playmate. He appeared in 2 "The 365 Kittens-A-Year" Calender 1997 and 1998! Hes Just So Cute!

This is Harley. She is an Australian Shepherd and Basenji mix. And here is her tabby cat brother Stretch. Aren't they just great?

These 2 right here are Peirre & Precious. Aren't they just a cute couple? Check them out!

This is Abigal Morgan~Duchess of Calvin. She is a cocker spaniel puppy. Shes darling!!

Up there is Darwin a cute full grown Cocker Spaniel. Check out his page to see his new adition to his family!

Look at these two big doggies!! It's our friends Duke and Lugar! Aren't they, BIG?! and CUTE of course!
If you would like to be our Cyber Pal please email us. (Don't worry if you aren't a pomeranian, or a dog, we would like to be friends with all kinds!)