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Heth's Advance 
Sending scouts into rural Gettysburg, PA; Major General Henry Heth of A.P Hill's III Corps wanted to obtain a supply of badly needed shoes rumored to be housed there.   The armed resistance he thought to be local militia turned out to be the cavalry of John Buford.  The battle Lee was hoping to avoid had started ... .. .

The Western Brigade advances to relieve Buford's cavalry.
     (My father is the soldier whose rifle is bisecting the farmhouse)

Major General John Reynold's I Corps moves towards Seminary Ridge to slow the Confederate advance.   Reynolds was killed early in the action., most likely by a round from a volley fired by Archer's troops.

Federal artillery firing at the Southern troops.

The Southern troops have taken Seminary Ridge, but the efforts from Buford's cavalry and Reynold's infantry have given the Union army time to advance into a defensive position south of Gettysburg.

Culp's Hill
The Union line is often described as resembling a reversed fishook.  The anchoring point for the shorter (hook) end was Culp's Hill.  The second day of battle saw a failed Confederate attempt to take this position.   Below, the valiant southerners make their final assault on Culp's Hill.

Misc Photos

 During lulls in battle, troops would often meet to trade items - Confederate tobacco for Federal coffee.  Here, my (Southern) equipment hangs from a Yankee's tent.