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Memorial Day 1998 - Pecan Grove Cemetary  McKinney, Texas

The 1st US (TX) Infantry and  9th Texas (CS) Infantry helped honor those who have
fallen in battle on Memorial Day.  The Pecan Grove Cemetary is the final resting place
of veterans from every war fought by the United States.  The participation by the 9th Texas
was very special to them, as there are members from the actual 9th Texas who took part
in the Civil War buried there.

James Gigliotti, 1st US Infantry

So why do re-enactors re-enact?
  Here's your answer.
    Each and every one is a living historian, sharing their knowledge of this important time period of America's history with the general public.
   Here, James Gigliotti (my father) answers questions for interested spectators touring the camp.

Roughnecks of the 1st US Infantry.
    Left to Right: James Gigliotti (Co.A), George Hanson(Co.D),
     and Don Gates (Co.A)

Here's a Photo of me and my father.
Looks as if we're not quite on the same side.

Another shot of us after the event.