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Pickett's Charge :
                Pre-Advance Bombardment

Under command of  E. Porter Alexander, the Confederate artillery is arrayed along a half-mile long front to fire upon the Union defenseworks on Cemetary Ridge. The objective was either inflict heavy casualties or drive off the available Federal reinforcements so that the infantry would be assaulting a weakened position.

The dark blue line in the distance is the Union II Corps, under command of Winfield Hancock.
The gun crews are preparing their fieldpieces.

Isolated at the far right flank, Henry's Artillery Battalion of Hood's Division(my unit) awaits the signal  to begin firing.

The silence is broken as the Confederate guns speak up.  For the next two hours, they will rain shells over Cemetary Ridge.

Battery commander Major M.W. Henry consults with his staff as the firing continues.

An inglorious end to Berdan's Sharpshooters.  Advancing towards a gunline to pick off crewmembers is usually a good tactical move.  However, they hadn't counted on a supporting cavalry unit behind our position. Here, we look on as our troopers disperse the threat posed by the skilled Union marksmen.