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Pickett's Charge :
                The Infantry Advances

A line of skirmishers from Kemper's and Garnett's Brigades move forward.  Their job will be to clear the way for the massed troops following them.

Our battery, one of the few mobile mounted units on the field,  pulled aside to give Kemper, Garnett, and Armistead clear passage on their march to glory.

Looking towards the left, we can observe the advancing Confederate troops.
The vanguard crosses the road on their way to the Federal line.

Our sargeant moves ahead to select the new location for our battery.

The Confederate infantry closes in on the Union line along Cemetary Ridge.

Henry's Artillery pulls into position closer to the fighting for better support of the infantry.

The guncrew awaits firing orders as the pieces are positioned.

As we watch from a distance, Armistead's Virginians cross the wall at the Angle.

The second wave of supporting infantry marches forward to join the effort to crack the Federal line.