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 Pickett's Charge -
          Cannonade and Initial Advance

In the distance, a line of Confederate artillery erupts into action. 
A two hour shelling that could be heard over 100 miles away,
it signalled the start of the most famous event
of the Civil War's most famous battle

Rounds impacting in the field.
(Well, ok - they're really just pyrotechnics, but it looks cool anyways.)

The artillery of the II Corps, US Army begins their response to the Confederate shelling as huddled troops wait and observe what events are transpiring.

Yankee batteries trade fire with  Rebel ones as the bombardment continues.

The Union defensive line along Cemetary Ridge.  About a third of the way in from the left is a turn in the wall which from that July day in 1863 onward will secure a place in history as The Angle - focal point of Pickett's Charge.

Union skirmishers hastily withdraw from the Emmitsburg road as a line of Confederate skirmishers
approach - followed by nearly 15,000 infantrymen.

Blocks of grey, butternut, and blue roll forward - massed groups each containing hundreds of soldiers.

More than halfway to their objective, the Confederates pause to tighten their ranks as they cross the simple farm fences along the Emmitsburg road.