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 Pickett's Charge -
          The Assault on Cemetary Ridge

Union Artillery barks out as the Confederate infantry draws closer.
With the rebels coming into rifle range, a once distinct line is obscured by the smoke of volley fire.

In the face of a withering rain of lead, the initial lunges towards the wall are undertaken.

A concentrated volley from the Confederates precedes a full-scale charge against the Union II Corps.

In one of the most important events of American history, the troops under command of General George Pickett close the final few yards of distance with the Federal line on Cemetary Ridge.

On to eternal glory, these farmers and shopkeepers turned soldiers press onwards.
* Note the wounded flagbearer passing the colors along to another infantryman, never allowing
    his beloved Stars and Bars to touch the ground.

The 8th Ohio (US) advances in the face of the Rebel attack.

The battered Confederate troops reform for another push against the mass of blue only yards away.

Once again, the brave Southerners press their attack.

Unable to sustain a break in the Federal line, the Confederates hold a final position and trade fire.