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So it looks like you're interested in some GOB! Well, you've made a good choice for you have now stumbled onto something great! Read on, enjoy, and hopefully you will have fun being GOB'D on! (Don't mind the picture up there. Its kind of screwed up!)
( ( About the fellas ) )
All you need to know about this rocken foursome from Langley, BC!

( ( Gob's produce ) )

A look at some of Gob's "work"!

( ( Hop on the Gob van ) )

Check out where the guys are touring. Are they coming to a town near you?

( ( Gob pictures ) )

An assorted collection of Gob pics!
(May take awhile to load)

( ( Link to Gob ) )

Links to some cool Gob places!

So you're done being Gob'd on? Well, go back to my page

::Thanks to::
Everyone who decided to come to my site and for taking an interest in Gob. (Now go out and support them!)
The fellas in Gob for being so cool, being so nice, and providing the world with kick ass music!
Jay Clark for all the info and putting up with me!
All the people who have accompanied me to go see Gob play shows (Gabe, Brian, you know who you are)
Chelsea for getting me into Gob and the cool punk rock scene "oh so long ago!"