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Amortization Schedule Calculator

Principal Loan Balance:

Interest Rate:

Amortization Length:

Years (typically 30 or 15)


Month Year

Show full amortization table?

Amortization table format

Pre-Payment Method:

Pre-Payment Amount:

Monthly/Semi-Annual/Annual/One-Time Principal Pre-Payment Amount

One-Time Pre-Payment to be paid after month #
(enter month #)

To use the Amortization calculator, simply input the requested fields and press Amortize Now to see your amortization table. You also have the option to see the full amortization table or not...and to also set the amortization table in full or compact mode.
Financial Calculators


Mortgage Glossary
  • Ever spell mortgage like morgage or mortage or morgege or even mortage? How about amortization like ammortization or amortazation or even amerazation?  If so, you need to check out our Mortgage Glossary!!
Mortgage FAQ's
Home Owner Resources
  • Our Home Owner Resources page contains various links to ease the tasks with home ownership such as insurance, home builders, interior decorators, furniture suppliers and much more!
Credit Learning Center
  • Got bad credit...or good...or don't know? Our Credit Learning Center is filled with information to aid with credit maintenance and repair.  There is even an option to get a copy of your credit report.
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