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Welcome to Diamond Mortgages' testimonial page. Below you'll find some feedback from some of our previous customers and their experiences with Diamond Mortgage. Read below to find out how Diamond Mortgage can make your home owning (or soon to be!!) experience easy and unique. Simply scroll down or click here.


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-"Diamond Mortgage really helped me out...thank you so much." (Mike...Indiana)

-"Easy, quick and friendly!" (Brittiany...Indiana)

-"Best mortgage company I've ever dealt with!" (Jeff...Colorado)

-"Very straight forward and honest." (Shaniqua...Alabama)

-"I currently have a vacation home in Wyoming. The payments were overwhelming! I was amazed at how fast Diamond Mortgage was able to refinance my vacation home and save me quite a bit on my payments." (Thomas...Wyoming)

-"Very informative website...I like that." (Todd...Indiana)

-"I've done business with Diamond Mortgage twice now. The first time was a long time ago. I was surprised to see how they still have the same customer commitment and relationship even after expanding to such a big company!" (Bill...Indiana)

-"Two thumbs up." (Gary & Sheryl...Montana)

-"Polite and friendly mortgage company" (Brenda...Alabama)

-"Really like the website!" (Tom & Denise...Alaska)

-"I'm a real estate investor...so far 4 mortgages and 8 refinances...will go back every time." (Jake...Wisconsin)

-"I like the quick closing!" (Janice...Indiana)


Financial Calculators


Mortgage Glossary
  • Our Mortgage Glossary can help you with a lot of that "mortgage lingo" that you might not recognize or even find out the correct spelling such as amortizations...a very commonly misspelled word! Below is other misspelled words we see quite often.
  • Mortgages- morgages, mortages, morgagus, motgages, mogages, mortgags, mortgegus, mortgagus, mrtgages, ortgages, nortgages, mortgugs, morrtgages, morteges.
  • Refinancing - Refinance- refinencing, refnance, refnancing, reefinance, reefinancing, refnance, refnancing, refernancing, refernance, refiancing, refiance, refinanc, refinaneng.
  • Home Loans -home lones, hme loans, home lons, hom loans, hom lones.
Mortgage FAQ's
Home Owner Resources
  • Our Home Owner Resources page contains various links to ease the tasks with home ownership such as insurance, home builders, interior decorators, furniture suppliers and much more!
Credit Learning Center
  • Got bad credit...or good...or don't know? Our Credit Learning Center is filled with information to aid with credit maintenance and repair.  There is even an option to get a copy of your credit report.

Please note that we are currently licensed in Indiana, Alabama, Montana, Wyoming, Mississippi, Colorado, Tennessee, and Alaska. If you are applying for home loans, mortgages, refinancing, or debt consolidations outside of these states, you can still fill out the same quote form, however a third party mortgage or home loan or debt consolidation broker may contact you rather than us.
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