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5000+ FREE Classified AD Sites!

Copyright 1996, 1997 Consulting Associates

This Page Contains For You A FREE List of 5000+ FREE Classified Ad Sites,with Links to 6000+ FREE Web Page Promotion Sites, A FREE List of Exceptional Business Resources, And More. Send E-Mail To Fax Machine Anywhere In North America At 10 Cents Per Minute and A Business Package Containing All The Necessary Tools For Successful Internet Marketing


A FREE List OF 5000+ Classified AD Sites!

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We are researching these sites one at a time to be able to give you a little information on each. So please be patient with us as we are doing something that one one else has done before.

Additionally, we have compiled a special list of the Top 200+ FREE Classified Ad Sites.

We will strive to maintain this list and update it as any dead or useless links are discovered. If you visit a site that needs to be deleted, please e-mail us so that we can continue to supply a current list. Send Mail To :

61.   Costa Blanca Free Ads
Free 30 word ads plus title. Run for one month. Small site. Easy submit. Costa Blanca Free Ads

62.  Entrepreneurs of the Web/Add your URL
Submission page but no link to ads. On their home page,, discovered site under new owners. Site being redesigned.
Found postings under services when you do a search. Your company name hot linked.
Entrepreneurs of the Web

63.   Evan's Machinery Pipeline Free Ads
Free ads posted for machinery. No apparent limit on size. No hot links.
Provide ad with automatic reply form for any inquiries.
Evan's Machinery Free Ads

64.   Finest Image Classifieds
Ads for a fee. 15 word ads or less $3. for 3 months. Over 15 words
$6. for 3 months. Hot link your url and email address. Ad not posted
till they receive payment.

Finest Image Classifieds

65.   Fishing.Com FREE Classified Ads
Free ads. 50 words max. Email hot linked. No run time indicated.
Several categories including Help Wanted.
Fishing.Com FREE Classified Ads

66.   AdsBulletin Board Service
Free non-commercial ads run unlimited amount of time.
Register free to place 5 line ads to buy or sell.
Bulletin Board Service

67.   Free Classified Ads / Malta
Free ads, 25 words, no title. Hot links at their discretion. Ads from countries
other than Malta considered. No confirmation after submission.
Free Classified Ads / Malta

68.   Ads4Homes - Post a FREE Real Estate Classified Ad
One free 30 day ad for real estate only. Listed by states. For fee upgrades
including graphics, extended run to 3 months and more. Email hot linked.

69.   Global Romance Place Free Ad
Free personal ads. Large text area. Email hot linked. Can even upload a photo.
Listing under this number was really a total coincidence! :-)
Global Romance

70.   Vancouver Webpages SIC Classifieds - Businesses
Free listing is for businesses. Much like an add a link page.
Title is hot linked to your url. Email also hot linked.
Vancouver Classifieds - Businesses

71.   GolfWeb - Classifieds - Home Page
Free ads for Golf related items. Up to 2 ad sections ok. Maximum 25 ads
total at one time. Title up to 50 characters. Run ad up to 1 month. Hot linked
urls and email. Can use html in text of ad.
GolfWeb - Classifieds - Home Page

72.   Hawaii Real Estate Sales & Apartment Rentals Classified Listings
Apparently free ads for Hawaii real estate for sale and wanted
placed if accepted by site webmasters. Email info to :
Also accept real estate links.
Hawaii Real Estate Listings

73.   Heartland Classified Ads
Free 5 line ad runs 14 days. Title allowed. No hot links.
One free ad per person. Upgrades for a fee.
Heartland Classified Ads

74.   High Tech Clearing House
Free ads with email hot link and optional graphics hot link for
buy, sell or trade high tech equipment only. No run time posted.
High Tech Clearing House

75.   Homes OnLine - A free real estate ad service
If you are a registerd real estate agent, you may register free your listing
will be include in online searches for 30 days. Upgraded ads for a fee.
Homes OnLine - A free real estate ad service

76.   HorseNet(sm) Classifieds
Free 40 word, 14 day ads for horse related items. Only members may post
but registration free. Only email hot linked. Paid $18. ads run 30 days
and allow hot links.
HorseNet(sm) Classifieds

77.   HouseMart For Sale Ads
Free for sale ads. 3 line ad, maximum 40 characters per line.
Email hot linked.
HouseMart For Sale Ads

78.   I3 Classified Ads
Free ads for sale, sell or trade. Spent 15 minutes here and was never
able to post ad in jobs section. Kept giving me a error message. Good luck!
I3 Classified Ads

79.   Over 1700+ FREE LINKS!
"Updated Monthly" 1700 Links to Advertise for FREE
Grandfather of all Links

80.   300 FREE Ad Sites.
More then 300 sites to post FREE classified ads.
300 FREE Ad Sites.

81.   Over 900 FREE Classifieds sites!
900 FREE Classifieds sites!

82.   FREE Ad Sites - 100 Plus

FREE Ad Sites - 100 Plus

83.   200 free ad sites
Here's a list of over 200 free ad sites. Almost all sites listed will accept your free advertising for business. 200 free ad sites

84.   1000 Free Ad Sites!
1000 Places for Ads! 1000 Free Ad Sites!

85.   1000 FREE Ad Sites!
Lists FREE and Fee Ad Sites.
Mother of All FREE Ad Sites!

86.   Classified Ad Sites FREE To Post
Hundreds of links to over 1000 Free Ad Sites
1000 Classified Ad Sites FREE To Post

87.   1000 FREE Advertising Sites

Second.Com FREE Ad Sites

88.  Over 1000 FREE Ad Sites
All About FREE Classified Ad Sites

They got their free subscription banner



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