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Welcome to the Cope Gallery!!!

On our home page, you'll discover the Cope Gallery, a home to Leslie Cope(world renouned artist) who passed away on April 11, 2002. Here his works can be seen and purchased at his lifelong residence and art gallery in Roseville, Ohio.

Leslie Cope is a prolific artist dedicated to his craft and committed to the simple virtues of rural life, seascapes and landscapes here and in his native home England.
Popular among his works are subjects that deal with the common work horse, Amish country, barnyards, blacksmith shops, coal- mining from the early 1930's, covered bridges, nostalgic rural landscpes, village sketches, fair and carnival scenes, horse pulls, horse sales and canal studies to mention a few.
He drew from memory and old sketches to bring to life scenes from his native England depicting pottery towns, the tall bottle kilns of Stoke-on-Trent where he was born, canal and street scenes from the turn-of-the-century England in its industrial heyday, and simple rustic moments of a familiar past with a country he never abandoned.

Operational Hours:
Closed- Monday,Tuesday and Saturday
Open- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday 1-5p.m


Questions or Comments can be directed to the gallery director Leslie's wife Velma Cope 

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