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Thomas Mullen of Washington County, Virginia
by Cornelius Carroll

First Generation

1.  Thomas Mullen b. ca 1740-1745 Virginia? md Margaret (maiden name unknown) b. ca 1740-1745.  Thomas is listed in Captain Daniel Smith's Company of militia in Fincastle County, Virginia.  At a court held for Botetourt County, 9 March 1780, Thomas Mullins claim was allowed to be certified, who proved that he served as a soldier in Captain Christian's Ranging Company on the frontier of this colony in the year 1756, and that he obtained no land in consideration thereof.  William Mullins served as a juror in the case of Benjamin Huff against Josiah Wilson on 12 Nov. 1779.  Botetourt County was formed in   1769 from Augusta County.  Fincastle County was formed in 1772 from Botetourt County and then subdivided in 1777 to form Kentucky, Washington, and Montgomery counties.  A partial list of officers and men from Southwest Virginia to whom lands were granted by the King of England by reasons of services in the French-Indian War includes:  Thomas Mullins 1763 and Thomas Mullen 200 acres 10 Feb. 1774.  Rachel Mullen md Thomas Johnston in April 1785 in Washington County, Virginia by John Frost.  Russell County was created from Washington County, Virginia in 1785 and formed in 1786.  Margaret Mullen, William Mullen, Charles Neill, and Thomas Johnson are in the 1787, 1788, and 1789 Russell County tax list.  William Mullen is in the 1790 and 1792 tax lists.  The 1791 tax list is fragmentary and William Mullen is prob. in  the section of the list that is missing.  Isaac Mullen is in the 1793 tax list.  In 1786, on motion of Margaret Mullen, certificate was granted her to obtain administration on the Estate of Thomas Mullen deceased with the will annexed whereupon she together with William Mullen and Charles Neill her securities entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of five hundred pounds with condition as the law directed for the faithful administration of the said decedents estate.  In 1787, an inventory and appraisement of the estateof Thomas Mullen deceased was presented in court and ordered to be recorded.  In 1788, Samuel Roberson became security for  Margaret Mullen in place of  Charles Neill.  In 1787, a summons was issued against William Mullen to appear before the court to show cause why he should not be fined and trible taxed for failing to give the commissioner a list of his taxable property.   In 1792, on the motion of Isaac Mullen, Charles Cocke was appointed his guardian and he and William Neal were ordered into bond in the penalty of one hundred pounds with conditions as the law directed.  In 1794, Margaret Mullen, plaintiff, vs Isaac Mullen, defendant, in Chancery and the defendant being sued with a subpoena above three months and not having filed his answer to the complaintants bill, it was ordered that the said bill be taken as confessed and that the Isaac Mullen pay Margaret Mullen eight pounds annually for her maintenance.  The 1790 Russell County, Virginia Census was lost or destroyed by fire when the British burned the captial during the War of 1812.  The first will book and all marriage records prior to 1853 were destroyed when Union troops burned the Russell County, Virginia courthouse during the Civil War.  Lee County was created from Russell County in 1793.  Isaac Mullen and Charles Neil are in the 1795, 1797, and 1798 tax lists.  Isaac  Mullen is also in the 1799, 1800, and 1801 tax lists.  The 1796 tax list is missing.  William Mullen and John Mullen are in the 1797 tax list.  Thomas and Margaret are believed to have had the following known children:

2.  William Mullen b. ca 1759 (Bible record states 17 March 1765) Virginia md Sarah "Sallie" Potts
3.  Rachel Mullen b. ca 1765 Virginia md Thomas Johnston/Johnson April 1785 Washington Co., VA
4.  Isaac Mullen b. ca 1772 Virginia - d. 1803 Wayne County, Kentucky

Second Generation

2.  William Mullen b. ca 1759 (Bible record states 17 March 1765) Virginia - d. 1851 Franklin County, Alabama md Sarah "Sallie" Potts b. ca 1763 (Bible records states 19 June 1766) Virginia - d. 1837 Franklin County, Alabama.   They are buried in the family cemetery, 4 miles north of Mt. Pleasant Church, Newburg, Franklin County, Alabama.  William and Sarah lived in Washington County, Virginia; Russell County, Virginia; Lee County, Virginia; Wayne County, Kentucky; Madison County, Alabama; and Franklin County, Alabama.  William Mullins is in the 1799 Cumberland County, Kentucky tax list.  Wayne County was formed from Cumberland and Pulaski counties in 1801.  In his Revolutionary War pension application, William stated he enlisted in the service for six months and guarded Laughland Fort at Elk Garden on the frontier part of Washington County, Virginia and served under Captain John Kincade.  Second tour of duty substituted in place of Samuel Priest and served six months under Captain Thomas Price.  Then volunteered to go to the south against the British and near the time to start the time to start the Indians took a family of seven children and their mother and Captain Richard Thompson called on me to pursue the Indians and I went out and served forty days.  He then goes into detail reguarding further orders.  After discharge, he moved from Washington County, Virginia to Powell's Valley from there to Wayne County, Kentucky and then to Franklin County, Alabama where he lived.  William and Sarah had the following known children:

5.     i.       James Mullen b. ca 1785 Virginia md Rebecca Smith ca 1806 Wayne County, Kentucky
6.     ii.      Nancy Mullen b. 7 Oct. 1794 - d. 31 July 1858 Franklin County, Alabama md James Smith
7.     iii.     Thomas Mullen b. ca 1791 Virginia md Charity Couch
8.     iv.     Rebecca Mullen b. ca 1794
9.     v.      Sally Mirandy Mullen  md Brantley Suggs
10.   vi.     Jane "Jenny" Mullen md Jesse Yockum (surety dated 5 March 1807 Wayne Co., KY)
11.   vii.    Isaac Mullen md Jane Priest
12.   viii.   Margaret Mullen md _____ Bolling
12.    ix.     Clementine Mullen md Mallard Jones
13.    x.      Joshua Mullen b. ca 1800
14.    xi.     Gabriel Mullen b. ca 1815 md Permia Jarman

3.  Rachel Mullen b. ca 1765 Virginia md Thomas Johnston/Johnson in April 1785 Washington County, Virginia by John Frost.  They were in Russell County, Virginia in the late 1790s and early 1800s.  No further information.

4.  Isaac Mullen b. ca 1772 Virginia - d. 1803 Wayne County, Kentucky md Mary "Polly" (maiden name unknown).  They had the following known children:

15.    i.      Charles Mullen b. ca 1793 Virginia md Amy Havens ca 1818 (moved to Texas Territory).
16.    ii.     Wiliam Mullen
17.    iii.    Jane Mullen md William Stephens 1814 Wayne Co., KY
18.    iv.    Peggy Mullen md Cannon Worsham (surety dated 5 Oct. 1819 Wayne Co., KY)
19.    v.     Nancy Mullen md Thomas O. Witten (surety dated 9 June 1820 Wayne Co., KY)

Third Generation

5.      James Mullen b. 16 Sept. 1785 Virginia md Rebecca Smith, daughter of Matthew Simpson & Sallie (Wallace) Smith, 7 Nov. 1806 Wayne County, Kentucky.  They had the following known chidren:

20.    i.     Matthew Simpson Mullen md 1) Margaret Simonton, 2) Mary Ann (McClanahan) Edwards
21.    ii.    (daughter) b. 1815-1820
22.    iii.   (daughter) b. 1815-1820
23    iv.    (daughter) b. 1815-1820
24.    v.    (daughter) b. 1810-1815

6.      Nancy Mullins b. 7 Oct. 1794 - d. 31 July 1858 Franklin County, Alabama md James Smith.  They had the following known children:

25.     i.     J.W.C. Smith md Elizabeth Caroline Knight

10.     Jane "Jenny" Mullens b. ca 1786 Russell County, Virginia - d. after 1840 Franklin County, Alabama md Jesse Yockum (surety dated 5
March 1807 Wayne County, Kentucky.  They had the following known children:

26.     i.     Sarah Yockum b. ca 1810 Tennessee
27.     ii.    William Yocum b. ca 1813 Alabama md Sarah _______
28.     iii.   Washington "Wash" Yockum b. ca 1819 Franklin Co., AL md Matilda Ann Allen
29.     iv.    James Yockum b. ca 1821 Franklin Co., AL md Margaret _______
30.     v.     Joshua Yockum b. ca 1823 Franklin Co., AL md Mary Ann Covington
31.     vi.    Geoge Yockum b. ca 1827 Franklin Co., AL
32.     vii.   John Yockum b. ca 1830 Franklin Co., AL md Mary Lucinda "Lula" Allen
33.     viii.  Jane Yockum b. ca 1834 Franklin Co., AL
34.     ix.    Amity Yockum b. ca 1838 Franklin Co., AL
35.     x.     Leonidas Yockum b. ca 1840 Franklin Co., AL

Fourth Generation

36.    Matthew Simpson Mullen b. ca 1812 - d. 1866 Cass Co., TX md 1)Margaret Simonton 24 Jan. 1833 Alabama.  They had at least six children.   Matthew left these children with his parents in Alabama when he moved to Cass County, Texas.  Matthew md 2) Mary Ann   McClanahan Edwards b. ca 1822 SC, d/o Peter & Mary "Polly" (Salmon) Edwards, 20 April 1846 TX.  Matthew was  Justice of the Peace in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  It is believed Matthew migrated to St. Augustine County, Texas and then had a land grant in Cass County, Texas at the town of Old Courtland for 640 acres (his parcel was located "10 miles from the Arkansas line, 6 miles south of Bowie County, where the river seperating the two counties turns north" and several properties granted to his father-in-law Peter Edwards were nearby).  After his death, Mary Ann moved to Walker County, Texas with 3 of their daughters.  Matthew and Margaret had the following known children:    

37.     i.     William Mullens md Elizabeth Gann 1836 Wayne Co., KY
38.     ii.    (unknown)
39.     iii.   (unknown)
40.     iv.   (unknown)
41.     v.    (unknown)
42.     vi.   Sarah Mullens
          Matthew and Mary Ann had the following known children:

43.     i.     Cornelia Mullens b. 18 March 1847 - d. 27 Dec. 1918 md William G. Coleman
44.     ii.    Mary Ann Mullens b. 10 March 1852  Cass Co., TX - d. 3 July 1937 TX md James Avery Wheeler
45.     iii.   Rebecca Smith Mullens b. 7 April 1853 Cass Co., TX  - d. 26 Jan. 1948 TX md James R. McAdams
46.     iv.   Susan Barbara Mullens b. 19 Feb. 1857 Cass Co., TX - d. 27 Dec. 1928 TX md Francis Marion Thomas
47.     v.    Alice Mullens b. 8 Oct. 1861 - d. 1889 TX md James "Jim" Randolph
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