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Editions in which letters appeared

Hayle Mail, May 1st 1914

Cornish Arms Hotel.

I am glad to inform our patrons that we are now finally settled, and that
the majority of our patrons think we have done the right thing in moving
more up town. It is an ideal spot and a splendid place, although, of course,
a few old timers that have been making the Star Hotel their headquarters for
the past twenty or thirty years find it kind of strange at first as they
know that neighbourhood almost as well as I do, but they have to admit it is
an ideal spot.

Mr. Richard Vingoe who came in from Akron, Ohio, to meet Miss Janie Wallis
from Penzance, was married in Brooklyn on April 9th. It was a very nice
wedding, and all the boys that were here en route to Cornwall or the west
wished them all kinds of luck.

The Cornish Association meet on the 18th of April for their entertainment
and at the present time over two hundred tickets have been sold. It will be
a splendid affair, pasties, saffron cake, buttered buns, etc., all to be
made by Cornish women, and my mouth waters now when I think of what a treat
I am in for; and I know I am not the only one who thinks the same way. At
home you don't appreciate these things so much, because you are able to have
them almost any time, but when you get away from Cornwall and go a year or
more without it is a treat when you find you can have as much as you like.

I wish our patrons would memorize our new address, as it is in the near
future, I think, when we will give up the Star as the neighbourhood is
getting worse all the time. Below is a list of the travelers going to and
fro this last week. I will write a full list of those attending the Cornish dinner, held in the
Cornish Arms in my next letter.

Sincerely yours, SID BLAKE

Cornish people going to and fro from England and the United States who
stopped at the Cornish Arms are:

Hedley Mitchell, from Butte, Mon., to Sandy River, St Austell;

Fred A Ernest, from Butte, Mom., to  St. Austell,

James H. Cocking, from Butte, Mon., to Penscrace Villa, Blackwater;

Wm. Hawkey, from Butte, Mon., to Perranporth;

Arch. Harris, from Mt. Charles, St Austell, to Virginia, Minn.;

W.Job, from Gunnislake, to Butte;

Sidney Pearce, from .Camelford, to Meetutse, Wis.;

Wm. Matthews, from St. Austell, to La Salle, Ill.;

Walter S. Clemence, from Hayle to Painesdale;

A.Gibson, from Hayle to Painesdale;

Claude B. Doney, from Higher Tremar Coombe to Wardner, Idaho;

Miss Janie Wallis, from Penzance to Akron, Ohio;

M. Annear, from Redruth to Globe, Ariz.;

Matt. Ham, from Lanner to Akron, Ohio;

Bert Eley, from Redruth to Globe, Ariz.;

Edwin Edyvean, from St. Austell to Bisbee, Ariz.;

T.J. Richards, from Colorado to Breage, Helston;

Mrs. C.G. Hoskings and daughter, from Truro to Miami, Ariz.;

Mr. & Mrs. G. Leggo, Penzance to Akron;

Mr. Wm Coad, from Carclaze, St Austell, to Virginia, Minn.;

J.Ninnis, from St. Ives to Akron.;

Louis J. Date, from St. Ives to Kearsarge, Mich.;

Francis Peake & family, from Penzance to Negaunee;

W.R. Endean, from St . Austell to Painesdale;

Mrs. Anna Bolitho, from Penzance to Shelbino, Mo.;

Mrs. Richard Burt, from Globe, Ariz. to Carne Cottage, St Blazey;

W.E. Trevarthen, from Wilkes Barre, Pa., to Tehidy, Camborne;

Emmanuel Hamlod, Camborne to Butte;

James Semmens. from St. Just to Calumet, Mich.;

Wm. Coad, from Callington to Ishpeming;

Henry Blewett, from Camborne to Calumet;

Paul Rosewarne, from New Westminster, Victoria, B.C., to Breage, Helston;

Harry Eley, from Truro to Pittsburg;

Lambert Williams, from Hedley, B.C. to Breage, Helston;

W.C. Johns, from Hedley, B.C., to 2, Tavistock Road, Callington;

Walter Johns, from Salt Lake City to Trevennen, nr. Helston;

W.J. Stephens, Victoria B.C., to Red Lion Hotel, Truro;

Wm. Bright, from Connecticut to Buller's Terrace, Reduth;

Mr. & Mrs. John Taylor, from St. Just to Calumet;

Bert Williams, from St. Day, Redruth, to Toronto;

Matt Teague, from St. Day, Redruth, to Bisbee;

Geo Mitchell, from St. Day, Redruth, to Bisbee;

Tom Chapman. from St Wenn, Bodmin, to Tremountain;

Ernest Sleeman, from White Cross, Wadebridge to Tremountain;

Sam Cleave, St Wenn, Bodmin, to Tremountain;

Mrs. L. Rowe, from Trescoe, nr Marazion, to Bakersfield;

R. Hoskin, from Trescoe, nr. Marazion, to Bakersfield;

Albert Richards. from St. Day to Calumet;

Matthew Richards, from St. Day to Calumet;

N.J.Webber, Hole Cottage, Duloe, to Detroit;

James Stevens, from Detroit to Fish Street, St. lves;

Wm. Bailey, from Mullen, Idaho, to Tuckingmill, Camborne;

Garfield Dudley, from Detroit to Treswithian, Camborne;

Robert Collins, from White Horse, Alaska, and John Chynoweth.

Editions in which letters appeared