NAME:M557 APC (Armoured Personal Carrier)

Chassis and Construction : Bonded Titianium Alloys

Size :52ft (Dropship Portable)

Armor:Bonded titanium around a 5 cm thick floor cavity that guards against anti-personnel mines.
The hull is welded from light titanium alloys and latched or bonded to the chassis. Interior hull surfaces are lined with boron carbide tiles covered with polymer resin 2mm thick, providing limited ablative protection from lasers penetrating the outer hull. Weight restrictions allow for very limited armor protection, capable of stopping shrapnel, small arms fire, and low-velocity armor piercing rounds.

Crew Complement:2 (driver and section commander)

Sensors and Equipment    :  Thermal imageing, TV camera with magnification from 4 to 20x, UV detector, and motion tracker. Millimeter-wave targeting radar. Multi Line video and Audio Feeds. High gain Transmitter Dish

Weapon Systems:  Twin Republic Electric RE700 20mm Gatling cannon, supplied with 1700 round multi-feed ammo bin.  Available round profiles are: High Explosive, High Explosive Armor Piercing, and Swarm type Anti-Personnel flechette rounds.  M577A carries  twin  20mW Boyars PARS 150 phased plasma cannon(1000 rounds). . M577A3 carries twin 20 MeV turboalternator powered,

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