Type :M240 Incinerator Unit
Construction : Light Carbine
Ammunition: Ultra Thickened Napthal fuel
Capacity :Refuel able Canisters
Range: 30 Meters

User Notes :The M240 flame-thrower, in use by the USCM, is a lightweight, carbine style flame-thrower which uses pressurized, ultra thickened napthal fuel as a base and ignited by a nozzle burner. The M240 can fire a burst of flame at targets up to 30 meters away. Once a target is hit, fuel droplets will remain on the target for about 30 seconds. However, the M240 is vulnerable to small-arms fire, as the fuel reservoir is known to explode violently when hit. The unit can be refueled by canisters or a connection socket in the that can be hooked up to a main supply or backpack"


Other Flame-thrower Variants
M210 Arm mounted

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