Name: Caterpillar P-5000 Powered Work Loader

Lift: 4000kg

Weight: 210 Kg

Add on equipment: Welding Tool/Torso Mount

USER NOTES: "The P-5000 Powerloader has become an integral part of most dockyards and cargo bays; its bipedal frame allows it greater access to cargo storage areas as well as more accurate and safer placement of cargo modules. Powerloaders are only a recent innovation, designed to transport cargo across terrain standard cargo handlers(forklifts, trucks, etc.) would find impassable. The latest model is the P-5000, currently in service aboard all Marine spacecraft, where its ability to handle cargo pods and missiles with equal ease has increased the efficiency of Marine teams in pre-drop preparation."

Additional Infomation

Powerloader on display at FOX STUDIOS AUSTRALIA (click here for more info)

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