Type : M-41A  Pulse Rifle 10mm with 30mm pump action grenade launcher and Digital Counter

Ammunition: 10mm explosive tip cassless standard light armour piercing round .M-40 Grenades

Capacity: 99 rounds

User Notes :"The M41A Pulse Rifle is the standard issue for all United States Colonial Marines. It fires a 10mm Explosive Tipped Caseless Light Armour Piercing round. The M41 uses electronic pulse action to fire, controlled directly from the trigger. The internal mechanism, including the rotating breech, is mounted on free-floating rails within a carbon-fiber jacket. This assembly is recoil dampened to reduce the effects of muzzle climb during burst and full automatic fire. From the thumb selector, the weapon can be set to selective, four-round burst, or full automatic fire, the latter allowing a rate of fire up to the weapon's cyclic rate of 900 rpm"

                                                                                       Taken From USCM Training Manual

Pulse Rifle Variants Include

M-41A-1:version in USCMC use
M-41A-2(unofficial) bootleg corporate copy with special impact resistant black plastic shroud
M-41A-2(official): pulse rifle with modified internal and modified grenade grip for EVA ops
M-41B-1: USCMC version with 20mm close engagement rifle rather than grenade
M-41B-2: Corporate version with a plasma rifle in place of grenade launcher attached to a backpack
M-41E-2:Civilian version much more slender with 9.76mm pulse rifle and extra 50 round clip in stock
M-41E-2LA: E-2 version featuring redesigned shroud
M-41G-1: USCMC experimental sniper rifle with 10mm rifle barrel for sniping, and 20mm close engagement rifle with 25 rounds and starlite nitescope(interchangable with any compatible scope)
M-41C: semi automatic hunting rifle modified from any of these rifles with an empty grenade launcher shroud and upper shroud removed and cocking handle modifed and all classified material replaced or removed(sold at military surplus auctions)

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