UA 571-C Remote Automated Sentry System

USER NOTES: "The UA 571-C Robot Sentry is an automated point defence system. It consists of a 7.62 mm machinegun mounted in an automated servo system with IR, motion and ambient light sensors for target acquisition. The entire package is armoured (SP 20, SDP 30) and mounted on a sturdy tripod (Leg SP 20, SDP 15). The weapon cannot be detached from its base or used by hand. Each weapon comes with a control terminal microwave-linked to its Sentry gun (can be placed up to 1000 metres away from the Sentry(which can be extended) .The system is sophisticated and can be set to search based on a target's visual and/or thermal profile or'auto-remote', using the system's built in IFF transponder and stutter-chipping, allowing it to avoid firing on a target wearing a personal data transmitter or M10 helmet IFF transponder with the right IFF code (this may be deactivated at the operator's command). Because the UA 571-C lacks a human's judgement, clearance of the ranking officer is required by law (although not needed) to use the system."
                                                                            USCM Operations Manual



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