Name: M56 "SmartGun"

Ammunition: Electronically-Fused High Explosive


User Notes :"The M-56 Smart Gun fills the Squad Automatic role in a USCM section. A Smart Gun needs special training to use and is only issued to such "Smart Gunners". The length of the weapon is 122 cm, with a straight rear firing grip and a fore firing grip. In addition, a cocking handle is mounted on the right side of the gun, for manual cocking once a new ammo drum has been attached (reliability drops to UR on the first trigger pull if the weapon is left to cock automatically).
        The gun is mounted on a servo-assisted gyro-stabilisation arm attached to an armoured torso harness.  The weapon has an inbuilt smart-targeting system, consisting of a targeting processor in the harness, infrared sensors in the headset and above the barrel of the gun, and the gyro-balancing servo arm. When a target is designated through the headest and barrel sensors, the servo arm immediately moving the gun to track the target. Changing targets is done simply by directing the gun toward a new target. The electronicpulse action allows great control over the rate of fire of the weapon, which is controlled by a toggle switch on the fore grip. It can fire a four-round burst (3-round burst r) and has a full-auto fire mode of 60 rounds."

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