Name:  USS  Sulaco
Class-Conestoga starship class
Powerplant : 3.6 terawatt Dry fusion
                      + Cygnus-5 hyperdrive
Also Equiped with
                         XIM-28A Longlance missiles
                                 Twin Particle Beam Cannons
                                 Emergency Escape Vehicle
         The USS Sulaco is the thirteenth in the Conestoga starship class. It has various weapons and armaments and serves as a transport as well as a battle cruiser. It not only can fight its way to the planet where its marine complement is needed, but then it can also put them onto said planet via dropship.
    It can hold four dropships(see dropship) at one time in the launch bay and has the capacity for more in the cargo hold.
 For weapons, the Sulaco uses the XIM-28A Longlance missile, an anti-satelite missile. As secondary armement, the sulaco has two particle beam weapons capable of disrupting the enemy's communications and sensors.
    Short range weapons include laser turrets and a dorsal and ventral railgun.
The Sulaco also carries fragmentation mines for defensive fields, re-entry vehicles for planet insertion or nuclear, chemical and biological attacks on an enemy planet.
    Decoy ballutes are ejected from the Sulaco in the event of an attack to confuse enemy radar or sensors. The Sulaco's engine is powered by a dry fusion plant capable of 3.6 terawatts of output. This reactor powers four GF-240 for sublight travel and aCygnus-5 hyperdrive for faster-than-light travel. The reactoris fuel-efficient, shielded against battle damage, and has a failsafe system for instant cooling in the case of core-breach.
        The Sulaco has multiple cryo-sleep chambers for its crew and complement, and employs the Emergency Escape Vehicle 337 in times of emegency during of FTL (Faster than Light) travel. he EEV 337 has room for four sleep chambers, and when an emergency ocurs, the chambers are ejected by the Sulaco onto the EEV. Cryo-sleep is not disturbed.

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