NAME Daihotai tractor
Type - 8x8 All terain viechle
Performance -Max Road Speed 110 km/h /Clear obstaces up to 1.10 meters.
Specifications-6.59 meter wheelbase and a track of 5.86 meters
Powerplant :Twin Gas Turbines
Attachments -mechanical diggers, cranes, core samplers, bulldozer blades, welders, or waldoes.

"The Daihotai company, known for their long line of all-terrain tractors,.The Daihotai tractor has an 8 x 8 wheel configuration, with a 6.59 meter wheelbase and a track of 5.86 meters. Each of the 4 two-wheel bogies are connected to the chassis by two swinging-arm Anderson suspension units. A central computer processor unit monitors the suspension assembly, and it instructs the rams to alter the onfiguration of the suspension units to provide the best stability. The Daihotai tractor can modify its own ground clearance, allowing between 1.48 and 0.90 meters. Power is provided by gas turbines, which is transmitted from the plant to the wheels via a drive train. Each wheel has its own individual transmission system, which is computer controlled. The Daihotai has a maximum road speed of around 110 km/h, and can handle verticle obstacles up to 1.10 meters in height and gradients of over 70%. Common attachment tools mounted ont he tractor include mechanical diggers, cranes, core samplers, bulldozer blades, welders, or waldoes. "
                                                                                                               Taken from The Daihotai Motors Brochure

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