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Computer Terminology

Like all things man-made, computers have evolved  a language all their own.   The following list may help clear up some  misunderstandings of computer-related terms:

Exercise Five (20 Points):  

This exercise requires that  you to use at least three different dictionaries found on the internet.  You goal is to become familiar with these types of sites as a resource to research words and to better understand the meaning of technology terms.


PART A (15 points)  Listed below are 20+ terms.  Use the dictionary web sites listed above and look up the definitions of at least 15 terms and write them out on a sheet of paper.  Include the word, definition that is most computer related and the dictionary web site.  You must use at least three sites.  You will need to try at least three sites in order to complete Part B of this exercise.   Extra points can be earned by completing more than 15 definitions.  

Words to look up on the Internet:

network, peripheral, information, data, software, memory, component, acronym, compatible, animation, icon, optical, contiguous, scroll, cursor, modem, hardware, system, random, navigate, fragmentation, and digital

PART B (5 points) Write a short paragraph which describes which dictionary web site you liked most and why (was it easy to use?, features and functions that were helpful, other reasons...).

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