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Nappa's Catskill Tile

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Welcome to Nappa's Catskill Tile

Catskill Tile
Bobby Nappa, formerly of Nappa's Tile has returned to Professional Tile Installations after a 2 year rest. Now, as the owner of Catskill Tile, our prices are lower than they were 10 years ago, with the same great quality alot of you were used to.

 Why are the prices at 2002 level?  No storefront this time means basically no overhead, and I am doing all the Installs myself! No sub contractors, no farming out the job! 

 For over 30 years, setting tile, custom designs, baths, floors, showers, backsplashes. When a Professional Tile Craftsman is essential, give me a call. 

Free estimates 

Send contact info to : or Bob 518-929-1307

Let me ask you something......Do you go to a dentist for brain surgery? Do you go to a foot doctor for eye surgery? Do you go to a proctologist for a cold?....Why not? They are all doctors, aren't they?
Because you want a specialist to take care of you, right?
So, why go to to a home improvement store or a "handyman" for your tile and wood flooring needs???
We have been Specialists in the Wood Floor and Ceramic Tile business for over 30 years! We are the professionals, not some clerk in a big box store.
Tell us what you need, and you will have the most beautiful tile  project done by the experts.
Nappa's Catskill Tile


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You can e-mail us at:

Nappa's  Catskill Tile 

Catskill, NY  12414