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New Update: 07/02/03

What's New


Revamped the site navigation


Added team pictures to the Lords of Liberty, Crusaders, Guardians, and G-Force pages.


Added Scarlet Scimitar to the Justice Avengers Page.


Added a quick and dirty Independents Page.


Added Destructoid to the Independents.


Updated News Page (Please see "Sporadic Updates").


Added the Wraith team page.


Added the Knights of Justice & the Lords of Liberty team pages.


Added the Guardians, the Justice Avengers, the Super Sentinels & the Crusaders team pages.


Added the Gems team page.


Added G-Force, the Justice Avengers, the Legacy & the Renegades team pages.


Added a Campaign History Page to the site.


Added a new picture to Matt Parmenter's Art Page.


New articles added to the News Page. 


Added Dr. Solomon to the Knights of Justice Page.


Added Mermaid to the Lords of Liberty Page.


Added Nightbird to the Justice Avengers Page.


Added Ice to the Super Sentinels Page.


"In the News"

 Calling all artists 

At present, Matt and I are the only artists of our little group and hence we are the only two artists featured in the artwork section of the site.

I am open to posting other people's work to this site and I will set up a page for any artist that wishes to display his work here.  The only requirements is that:

bullet No Pornographic material will be displayed on this site.
bullet The artwork must in some way relate to our campaign.

Other than that, just have fun.

All artwork should be sent via Email to  I can take most formats including JPEG, TIFF, PSD and GIF, but would prefer it sent in BMP format as this proves the easiest to work with. 


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Now before we get started allow me a moment to give credit where credit is due.  For, while this page may be mine the subject matter was a joint creation belonging to me and my friends.  And as such each character background sheet will give credit to that character's creator.

Any Suggestions or questions about the campaign or this page can be sent to me via my online Response Page

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