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The AKD Goju Ryu Homepage

The Academy Of Karate-Do

The AKD Goju Ryu Home Page

The AKD Goju Ryu Homepage

The Chief Instructor - Tony Christian 7th Dan B.K.A

Tony Christian was born in 1947 in Liverpool. He started Martial Arts Training in 1965 and over the years has been involed with many aspects of the Martial Arts, being one of the first Professional Instructors.

He has studied the sytle of Goju Ryu from 1970 and has brought to the North West of England Sensei T Chinen, one of the worlds great masters of Karate.

Tony's knowledge of Martial Arts reaches beyond Empty Hand Systems into the world of ancient and modern weapons.

At present he is ranked 7th Dan with British Karate association.

Tony's aim is to simplify the Martials Arts and make it easily understood, but to hold to the classical values of Character, Health and Self Defence.

Academy Of Karate-Do
Tony Christian
Chief Instructror 7th Dan B.K.A
8 Kilburn Grove,
Telephone +(44) (0)1942 212399

Monday Adult Lesson 8pm to 9pm
Tuesday Childrens Lesson 6.30pm to 7.30pm
Wednesday Adult Lesson 8pm to 9pm
Thursday Adult Lesson 8pm to 9pm
Friday Childrens Lesson 6.30pm to 7.30pm
Saturday No Lesson (Open Practice) 2pm to 4pm
First Saturday Of Month Master Class 4pm to 5pm

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