Cup Of Tea Records Discography

Cup of Tea records have been releasing quality tracks of slo-mo beat excursions and weirdelic sound collages in the time from 1995 to 1999. The label, founded by Pip Diaz, started with the release of "The Mudskipper EP" by a band called Junkwaffel, remixed by Bristol royalty Portishead. Leading up to this, Cup of Tea has created a name for itself by providing Bristol with the most upfront in club DJ's and bands, putting on everything from jungle to hip hop, from jazz-funk to dub. Strong releases on twelve from Crustation, Purple Penguin, Spaceways, The Federation, Slick Sixty, Tammy Payne, Statik Sound System, Grantby, The Disciples, Mr. Scruff, Monk & Canatella and more.

This page provides a full discography (as I know it) of the Bristol based label with artwork and sound samples! If somebody has additions or changes (especially Pip Diaz), please let me know!

Important note: Cup Of Tea Records no longer exists. Please don't send me demos or ask me to sign bands or artists. I can't give any licence for tracks on compilations, as I am only a fan who built this page about a label which no longer exists!