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Member: Eric McCann

Group Owner

Eric likes most of the Hawks, but seems to have a fixation on the P-36/Hawk 75. As I've said... it just "looks right" to me. I'm in the middle of acquiring a good stack of Hobbycraft kits, though I also have some P-40s built, a P6E and Helldiver in the "to build" stack as well. Once things turn around a bit financially, I plan on trying to find the Classic Airframes kits of the earlier Hawks as well.

My personal modeling website is at

The Models:

P-36/Hawk 75:
This is the Hobbycraft kit of the "Pearl Harbor Defender" and my first attempt at the Cleveland Air Races scheme for #69. No markings. Painted by hand with Gunze paints.


This is after I realized I didn't like the way the model came out. It was repainted (somewhat iffily) as a Finnish Hawk 75.

Finnish Hawk 75 Posing with the Brazilian version

Another "Pearl Harbor Defender" kit (it was available) using the kit's Brazilian markings. Advice: Attach the tailplanes AFTER painting the rudder stripes (which I found out about late, and really should redo.)

Brazilian P36 front quarter


The Revell 1/32 kit. Yes, the wing insignia is on the wrong side. It was a late night.

The Monogram 1/48 kit. Some extra work done boxing in wheel wells and the like.