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The site will no longer be updated. Cyborg Caveman Comics new home is HERE!

APRIL 7/2003: All kindsa shit... Quit my day job for a number of reasons just a few days ago. I imagine that with some of my free time while I look for another job I'll try to update the site and get some new content going. Changed the home page's title font and intro. Revised home page welcome message. Added a link to and fixed the link to my buddy Kyle Morton's stuff. Going to try and promote the site or something. Never get any kind of email or response to any of this stuff. Have to assume this is because no one knows about it (the alternative - - that no one really likes it - -  is just too damn depressing). Submitted The Argon Crisis, The Girl from B.O.L.T., and Aquabot to that in an attempt to generate traffic. Oh, Bill snuck in a second Dragonfly adventure without me noticing. Have been trying to get a few new artists interested in putting together a few proposals or even working on the tons of stuff I already have scripted up but no takers just yet. Working on a couple of things at the moment, mostly writing, but since I don't have to sweat work for the next few days I might try to letter Doc Hyperion and the Lost Continent of Monsters real quick like.

MARCH 2/2003: This is the first is a series of new updates. The old update list is no longer available due to storage issues. Complete restructutring and reorganization of the site for a variety of reasons. Mostly to try and get around tripod's restrictive size limits for free sites. Several of the comics had to be hosted on other free sites or by friend's generous enough to loan space on their own sites. The layout is also a bit different in order to try and concentrate the content of the site. Things will continue to change, and I am debating on trying to learn both HTML and Flash in order to facilitate getting the Cyber Cave it's own official domain. I'll keep you posted as events develop.

MARCH 10/2003: Added link to the dummy site set up for the Masked Men section of our site. Includes short adventures featuring Johnny Trio, Aquabot, Gizmatic Man, and Dragonfly. Put the C3 icon up in the corner of all the Ra-Koth pages. Hey, what do you want out of me? Slow and steady wins the race. Go 'wan, kid! Y'bother me! Check out the MASKED MEN or sumthin'!

MARCH 11/2003: Links page is back up. Plenty of weird stuff! Reverse speech! Email Voo Doo! The Unofficial Appendix to the Marvel Universe! Scott McCloud's 24 Hour Comic Challenge!

MARCH 11/2003: Added new six hour comic KRAKOW DYNAMO!

MARCH ??/2003: Bill snuck in a Dragonfly six pager (Part II) on me without me noticing. Have a look!