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Here's the lowdown, kids. Having commited the cardinal sin of exceeding my alloted space quota over at tripod I was lucky enough to have good friend Joe Shuler of the arcane Brotherhood of the Fin offer to host my site. This site will no longer be updated and likely will eventually be unpublished. Until such time as I decide what to do with it here it will remain. Just so you don't feel like you have completely wasted your time coming here, the links in the bar on the left side of the screen should still function and take you to some of C3's many comics. The links page will also continue to function until I can dupe the bulk of it over at the new site. When youget tired of the pop ups and if you are looking for the bulk of Cyborg Caveman Comic's free online content you want to go right  HERE.

I'd like to thank old friend and world-traveller Mike Scneider for hosting part of the Argon the God Eater comic over at his own site. It helped very much to take off the burdens of ever increasing space constraints here at the tripod hosted site.

I suppose I would also like to take a moment and thank tripod for their services as they suited my needs when I first got online. However, I won't miss all the goddamned pop up ads. I think things will be a better fit over at the BotF site anyway as I am an active membe rof said group and can concentrate all the content of my sit ein one location as it was always meant to be. The links below will take you directly to those particular sections of the new Cyborg Caveman website.

                                                                                                       - -  Greg O'Driscoll

The New Cyber-Cave

Sword and Sorcery Spotlight

24 Hour Comics

Masked Men

WARNING : Some of the comics herein, or on sites connected to this one, contain nudity, profanity, and other subject matter of an adult nature. If you are under 18, feel you will psychologically scar yourself for all time by looking at such stuff, or have a desire to sue me after viewing it please go no further. I just couldn't live with myself if I offended you.


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