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Background & Research 
Edward Halerewicz, Jr.

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Greetings fellow cyber-space-ians.  The purpose of this page is to briefly layout my background for anyone who has read any of my essays, articles or for anyone else who has stumbled across my page for one reason or another wishing to know more about me.  I classify myself largely as an Independent Researcher as I have strong interests frontier sciences and read many articles on the topic and write a few of my own. I am not a professor nor am I a "professional researcher" as some have mistaken me for in the past, but I do hold two undergraduate degrees at present.  I have also been particularly fascinated with gravity for quite some time and have self taught myself advanced theories such as General Relativity to meet that fascination, hence the very existence of this page and website.  I also through my formal education have an interest in new energy production technologies that meet the energy needs of society without causing detrimental harm to the natural environment.  Employment wise I have worked in construction in the past making it up as far as a truss designer. 


A good percentage of my education has been self taught as education these days is a very expensive process.  In the traditional sense my field of expertise may be consider limited to undergraduate physics and to weather/climate/environmental processes.  Currently I hold the following degrees.

B.Sc. in Geography & Environmental Resources
A.Sc. in Physics

My specialization in geography is Weather and Water Resources , so I have strong interests in meteorology, climatology, space weather, and the allocation of energy resources for practical use. This is more than enough to give accurate laymen descriptions of the topics covered and for myself to act as a freelance science writer.

Manuscripts & Publications in (reverse) Chronological Order

[pdf] 412 kb Starships, Dreams, Myths, and Possibilities
[pdf] 1.93 mb Geographical Analysis of NUFORC Triangle Reports: 2010 to 2012, [Seasonal Animation of Points]
[pdf] 700 kb Unacknowledged Stealth Deltas, Anecdotal Case Studies: 1980-2000 with Supplements
[pdf] 2.75 mb 2010 SIUC Campus Transportation Survey & Geographic Analysis; authored with student peers.
[pdf] 1.17 mb Did an A-36 Beechcraft Bonanza Aircraft encounter a Thunderstorm Analog Warp Drive?
[doc] 232 kb A Brief History of Black Holes over Time
[pdf] 605 kb The Global Atmospheric Electric Circuit as a Tool for Modeling Climate Variability
[pdf] 162 kb On the phenomenology of Dark Bodies and their Darker Energies, submitted to FOP
[pdf] 805 kb A detailed review of the scientific claims made by Bob Lazar
[pdf] 163 kb Investigative Inquiry into the Coming Energy Crisis and Alternative Energy Sources
[pdf] 237 kb Keplerian restraints on general quantized theories of gravity and the emergence of anomalous electro-gravitic couplings at the Compton scale
[pdf] 291 kb Observations of apparent Exotic Propulsion Technologies from Hectometer sized Deltoid Aerial Craft at low altitude. JoAPM 2-2 (2004), [Revised Document]
Lost Spaceflight Challenges for proposed Crew Exploration Vehicle and next generation spacecraft.
Lost A Brief History of Rocketry and the Emergence of Civil Space Organizations. JoAPM 2-1 (2004)
[pdf] 742 kb Hyperbolic Geometrodynamic Warp Drives & Beyond, A PDF E-Book (in need of update and corrections)
[pdf] 195 kb A Physical Review of Unitel's proposed Aerospace Vehicle. JoAPM 1-3 (2003)
Lost Exploring the origin of inertia and gravitation within Frame Extended Relativity. JoTs (Extensive Papers Section) 3-5 (2003)
Lost  Relativistic Crossroads and the Possibility of Variable c Spacetimes. JoAPM 1-2 (2003)
Lost A Beautiful Unsolvable Equation, Mathematics from the film A Beautiful Mind.
[pdf] 81 kb Warp Drive Today: Where We Are and would like to be
[pdf] 107 kb  Warp Drive Today: Theory and Limitations
[link] A Casually Connected Warp Drive Spacetime. gr-qc/0202021 JoAPM 1-1 (2003)
[link] Reduced Total Energy Requirements for a Modified Alcubierre Warp Drive spacetime. gr-qc/0107097 JoAPM 1-1 (2003) [html Introduction]
[link] Vacuum Charges within a Teleparallel Weyl tensor: a new approach to quantum gravity. physics/0103060
[link] The Quantum Vacuum, Fractal Geometry, and the quest for a new theory of gravity. physics/0008094


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Last updated: October 12th, 2013