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Timeline for Scientific Warp Proplusion Studies

This page gives highlights advances in science and culture which paved the way towards the scientific understanding of possible methods interstellar travel within a human lifespan.  This listing is only meant to give a flavor of the rich history behind these investigations and undoubtedly may be missing key breakthroughs and or null results for which I apologize in advance.

Year Summary of Progress
1915 Einstein publishes General Relativity
1921 Kaluza-Kline first to propose unified filed theories in extra-dimensions
1932 Dark matter is postulated by Oort
1933  British Interplanetary Society formed
1945 First Atomic Bomb detonated
1948 Foundations for Quantum Field Theory are established
1949 Gödel introduces Closed Time Like Curves
1957 Sputnik launched
1959 Twilight Zone airs on television
1964 Bell Labs discovers Cosmic Background Radiation
1966 Star Trek airs on televison
1969 Apollo 11 lands on Moon
1970's Standard Model of particle physics develops, String Theory is introduced
1977 Hiem introduces 6-dimensional quantum unification picture, Star Wars is shown in movie theaters, Voyager 1 is launched
1980 Guth introduces inflation model to cosmology
1981Space Shuttle is launched
1988 Thorne introduces concept of transversable wormhole
1994 Alcubierre publishes first warp drive paper, Stargate in shown in movie theaters
1995Witten introduces M-theory
1996 Mills outlines challenge to create space drives
1998 Riess’ group discovers significant portion of universe consists of Dark Energy, Olum Shows negative energy required for superluminal travel
1999 V. D. Broeck introduces concept of hidden warp bubble, Randall and Sundrum introduce concept of large extra dimension
2001 Puthoff suggests method to engineer the vacuum of spacetime through a Polarized Vacuum
2002 Natario publishes warp drive with zero expansion
2003 Gautheir publishes work on micro warp drive, Minami considers possibility of engineering imaginary time
2004 Dröscher and Häuser introduces propulsion concept based on Heim’s unification using “graviphotons”, Froning suggests that more than 4-dimensions are require for Faster Than Light Travel, Minami suggest controlling entropy gradient on D-branes may allow for string theory based propulsion
2005 White and Davies introduce pressure based extra-dimensional warp drive
2006 Kransikov shows that Quantum Inequality restrictions on spacetime are not truly unphysical
2008  Obousy introduces method of controlling warp drive by manipulating the radii of extra-dimensions
2009 Finazzi shows warp drive unstable in semi-classical approximation of gravity
2011 100 Year Starship Symposium held
2012 Voyager 1 probe enters interstellar space, Varieshci and Brusein show that warp drives in conformal gravity do not require exotic energy

©2013: Edward Halerewicz, Jr.