Unico, what brings the world of unicorns and the world of cute anime
together. Brought to us by the wonderful people of Sanrio of Hello
Kitty fame, Unico offers no end to adorable huge eyed animal creatures,
including one singing cat who turns into a human and a cute little blue

There are two Unico movies dubbed in English, and they aren't that
badly dubbed. They're still cute and I heard from someone that they're
not edited. The two movies are The Fantastic Adventures of Unico and
Unico and the Island of Magic. I have never seen the second one but
I really really really want to. Unfortunately it's pretty hard to find
without spending a lot of money. There are rumors of a third Unico movie
but I haven't seen anyone with a website who's actually seen it. Anyway

The first Unico movie has a story that is pretty much broken into two parts
that tie together in the end. First is Unico and Beezel meeting and becoming
friends and then Unico and Katy meeting and becoming friends. After those two
things happen the stories come together when Katy wanders away with a really
cool looking evil guy named Baron De Ghost and the West Wind who is coming back
to get Unico picks up Beezel and brings him along. Unico, Beezel, and Katy then
try to escape Baron De Ghost who turns into a HUGE demon that pretty much proves
this is a foreign movie because at that time in the 80s noone in america would
dare having something that evil chasing something that CUTE. This is the same
way you can tell Watership Down is foreign because no american animator in the
80s would show little bunnies oozing blood. Well, Don Bluth might have if he
would have been allowed...he showed miss mousie getting cut and bleeding in
Secret of NIMH...but back to unicorns.

Unico is probably the cutest unicorn with huge bug eyes ever. Probably also the
only one with huge bug eyes. Unico has certain interesting powers that most unicorns
don't. He can turn into a big unicorn if he loves someone enough. He can use his
horn as a drill or a sword. He can grow little pixie wings to fly with. He also
brings joy and happiness to everywhere he goes. Which is something all unicorns do
anyway...but Unico gets punished for it. This story is just adorable and really
worth seeing if you can find a copy. As a matter of fact if you can find a copy
GIVE IT TO ME! NOW! Please? Pretty please? Aww...rats.

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