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Dimensions Of Science ( Sci-Fi in 3D. ) Home page
Starting From Scratch....Part II ( Jules Vern Craft )

Disney's "Nautilus" and her forgotten sister, The "Albatross"

Dimensions Of Science ( Sci-Fi in 3D. ) Home page

We  have  here,  the  NAUTILUS,  and  Two  ALBATROSS's...One  is  the  completed version, and  the  other,  behind  it,  is  one  where  the  number's  were  off.

Here we see the NAUTILUS, and with her, two versions of the ALBATROSS. The first one is nearly complete, the one behind it, was abandoned after finding the "number's to be off." Also, note the original copy of the movie filmscore to 'Master of the World' behind them, this is a reference tool.


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Here is a way too bright picture of the completed "nautilus".


Here's a rare shot of the sub, while being buit. The base is not yet made, nore is the pilot house completed. At this stage, it looked even more graceful, missing the cutting barbs that break up it's smooth fin-lines!


IT ALL STARTED A FEW YEARS AGO...when I decided to build my version of Disney's "NAUTILUS" ( The very famous design made by Harper-Golf, who would also be responsible for another well known movie sub, the "Protius" from "Fantastic Voyage", a few years later.) But, I degress. I adopted a new method of construction in order to do the submarine, using card-stock (poster board) for a rough frame, sheeted over with more of the same, for a first skin...Then, I used my old standby, wood putty, and coated the whole thing...then sanded...and re-coated...well, to make a long story short, This was the most time consuming part of the project. After I was satisfied with the result, I coated it with wood glue.( To both seal and strenghten the hull.) Another great thing about the wood glue, is that it creates a plastic-like surface well accepting to paint.
In about six months time, I had a reasonable, if not totally accurate, 1/70 scale model of Captain Nemo's well known abbode. The fins, tail and even the cutting barbs,( or "teeth" as I have heard them called.) are all made from styrophome,( meat packing trays!) and treated in the above mentioned manner. Rivots were made with glue dots...the second most time consuming event...all coated with testors specialty paint, and there it is.
EVEN AS I FINNISHED PAINTING THE "NAUTILUS"...I knew that her fogotten movie sister would eventually have to be built...( Yet, I dreaded it.)

" THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THE FLYING MACHINE!" as quoted by actor Vincient Price, ( As only he could! )from Samual Arkoff's film "Master of the World". And, with such a forgotten jewel of a movie,( not to mention, a kick-butt design!) I set to work, drawing my own blueprints, and guides that would eventually become the "ALBATROSS". It took two years, countless repeats of the film...( To the point where I could recite the entire script in my sleep!)BUT, ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you, the nearly completed vision of a fine, forgotten lady of filmland sci-fi, THE ALBATROSS.
I used the same production methods to build this ship, as I did the Nautilus. The interesting thing is this, The air ship was built from paper, according to Rouper, the conquorer!! I just mearly followed suite. There is a collecton of other assorted odds and ends involved in her construction as well. For instance, I used real window screen for the netted inclosure to the observation deck at the ship's rear quarter. Her propeller mast's are made from plastic tubing from the local hobby shop, all her window glass, with the exception of the portholes, is made from the vacu-formed packing plastic, that nearly everything from office supplies, to children's toys come in. Here is the NO-WAY factor, the gasp, "you used...WHAT?" material. All the porthole domes were made from....GOOGOOLLY EYES! You know, the ones that crafter's use on stuffed animals? Painted over, they provide a propper dome,or blister for these widows!
I hope you enjoy these images of this ship...To the best of my knowlage, this is a true one-of-a-kind model of one of sci-fi's all but lost, film designs...Needing to be brought back from oblivian. Let me know what you think.

This picture dosen't do any justice to this 1/60 scale, one-of-a-kind model from a nearly forgotten movie!


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