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Space Cruiser Yamato, a.k.a. Star Blazers

A strange concept of the flying Battleship

Dimensions Of Science ( Sci-Fi in 3D. ) Home page



...No, this isn't a shot from the show, it's a marker drawing with some scanner tricks. In fact, it isn't the same as the t.v. Argo at all, it's an improved design I did. The painting at right, is one I did in '95, and there's a story to go with it... I sold it last summer at a flea market, and got what I thought was good, for a flea market. IMAGINE MY SURPRISE, when I checked one of the online auctions a few weeks later, and saw THIS PAINTING, going for a healthy ammount!!


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ON THIS PAGE, I have a sampling of my Yamato collection, mostly model kits put out by Bandai of Japan.
Space Battleship Yamato started off as a comic strip in a japanese paper in the late '60's early '70's. From this quiet beginning, the story took off into orbit in Japan, spawning a string of feature length movies, three t.v. shows, and a slew of merchandise including comic novels, technical manuals, toys, kites, music tapes...and model kits.The now defunct Westchester films, bought the rights to these t.v. shows, changed the title, and dubbed the dialouge...changing little else. The Amarican title would be STAR BLAZERS. It ran for several years in the early 80's, then just faded away.
The story line of the serialized t.v. show was incredibly mature, and strong, noting the trials and victory of the reconditioned W.W.II Battleship, I.J.N. Yamato. ( Renamed Argo here in the U.S. )Rumor even has it, that a certain movie producer studied these films before making his own sci-fi opera called...STAR WARS!
I have assembled here, a grouping of the Bandai model kits from the series. I intend on getting the entire collection at some point, but here is the beginnings...Anyone who my know of, or have copies of the mecha ( smaller ) kits, or hard to finds, ( like the E.D.F. Unmanned Battleship, or the Dark Nebula Tripod Battle tank,) that they wish to get rid of, By all means, drop me a line, I'm willing to negotiate!
In the future, I plan to build a large version of the Yamato/Argo around 1/350 to 1/200 scale. It will be done the same as the Vern craft, and will feature more detail that Bandai was not able to include in the kits, mainly around the gun-decks and conning tower. I may even include lighting to it, as well. More on this, as it happens.

At the right, there is a pen drawing of the Yamato, as seen in a thunder storm...Strong contrast between light and dark add a feeling of dread. This Picture, never completed, is still eye catching. ( The scan does it no favors. The pictures on this page aren't the best, and yes, I have some really cool Star blazer paintings, and drawings...Most are too large for my scanner! However, I will be updating this page as I have said above, and that will include better pictures.


Below, are the built-up kits from yamato, includeing a forced prospective, and a 1/500 scale. Most of this collection is still boxed, and waiting for me to build.


I have other paintings and pictures from yamato, both the sci-fi version and the real ship. I haven't got any good scannable camera shots, yet. So, keep your eyes open, I will be adding more!


Sorry for the blurry pic to the right. It really is a fine painting of the real yamato during W.W.II. I will be adding a better picture of this, as soon as I can!

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