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Dimensions Of Science ( Sci-Fi in 3D. ) Home page
The Prehistoric Scene

The Lost world of the '70's.... found by Aurora.

Dimensions Of Science ( Sci-Fi in 3D. ) Home page


Here is a great picture of everything! The P.S. dinos are set up with the base's interlocked. ( the Base under the ALLOSAUR is fabricated out of styrophome and wood putty. ) I just got an original section of this two-part base.


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This is the page I have included to pay tribute to a great model company, and one line of it's products. The company was called AURORA, and, if you're still wondering why dinosaurs are included here at D.S., Well, Nestalga!!! ( Not to mention, that Aurora was one of the finest sci-fi producers of the late '60's, early '70's!)
AURORA was a model company well ahead of it's time...I say that for good reason. In the '60's and early '70's, Sci-fi and Fantasy were both around...but NO WHERE NEAR as mainstream as it is today. Aurora took advantage of this, and walked into a vertually open market, sold inexpensive, snap and glue figure and monster kits...and made a killing! They started this with some figure kits in the late '50s and added a line of monster kits ( based on the universal movies ) in the '60s. They added more monsters later that decade, including some TOHO favorites. Then came the re-issues with glow parts. By the 70's, they were in full swing, and released a new line of kits based on dinosaurs and cave men, calling it "Prehistoric Scenes". Then disaster struck. Rumor has it, that they pushed the conservative envelope too far with another line of models called "Monster Scenes"...From here it was only a matter of time. ( but that's another story.)
As a little boy, I loved dinosaurs, prehistoric animals and the giant monsters...So I grew up with these models! I loved them. ( unfortunatly, a bit too much, as I destoyed them in countless battles against each-other!)
Now that I'm older, I STILL LOVE THE DINO'S AND MONSTERS!! This is the same old story! I never thought I would see one of those old models again, until Monogram re-issued the dinosaurs from the series in mid-80's. They were again released in the early 90's, and these are the kits on this page.
In case you may be wondering if these models are still trendy, try and find "Three Horned Dinosaur" or a "Sail-backed Reptile" in it's orriginal box for under $100.00!! ( Personally, I am trying to get the prehistoric animal, and cave men scenes to complete the set.) For me , it's not the value in dollars, it's the thrill of having them once again. MUST BE A MID-LIFE THING!:)
Anyway, enjoy!

here is another shot of my set-up...All these models have been painted to replicate the box art on the Aroura covers.


Below right, the same T-Rex...Still in it's Revelle plastic color, Before re-working.


Tyrannosaurus Rex
the cave
the tar pit
the jungle swamp
neanderthal man
cromgnon man
cromagnon woman
the giant bird
the cave bear
the saber-toothed cat
the wooley mammoth

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