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Dimensions Of Science ( Sci-Fi in 3D. ) Home page
Odds and Ends.

Is it an odd, or end? ( Or is it just odd?! )

Dimensions Of Science ( Sci-Fi in 3D. ) Home page


This moody painting of an Ice entombed steamship, is
a commision project for Mr. Dooley's c.d. package. It is one of the paintings that I actually liked! ( I am to much of a profectionist.)


Above, is one of the personal best works. It is done with felt tip pens, permanent markers, and Bic ball-points!! ( Nothing fancy, here.)


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Here, there be odds..
I present here, more pictures or what it is, that I do...However, none of the items here, belong to a series, nore do I have a collection of them in reguards to subject matter, or number of reproductions. A painting here, a drawing there, so to speak. The only thing is, They really needed a place to be is that place.

"Warp Speed"...Self explanitory!


My kingdom for a real Photographer!! Anyway, Bellow is a painting I did in the early '90's. It is based on the story "The Land That Time Forgot".


Well, I knew it would sneak in sooner or later, Below, We see the Enterprise...And, below her, we see the original painting called "reluctant Voyage"...It went through a few changes to end up being "Space: for Rent".


I hope you enjoyed your visit to my site of strangness!!! If so, come again, and tell a friend!I intend to add on more projects as they are finished... Here is a partial list from the drawing board. More of the completed "Prehistoric Scenes", and as mentioned in the "GODZILLA" PAGE, an Aurora re-build.
From the scratch department, I'm planning several new models. First, a detailed "PROTIUS", from the movie "FANTASTIC VOYAGE". Another will be the "MARTIAN WAR MACHINE" from "WAR OF THE WORLDS"...NO, NOT from the movie. I will be building off the cover-art from Jeff Wayne's 1978 musical version. ( It's closer to the book discription.) And, as mentioned on my "YAMATO / STAR BLAZERS" PAGE, I will be building a larger, more detailed ARGO. Here, there is a question. I don't know if I want to build the t.v. version, or the updated one I designed... I know that there is the "YAMATO 2520", but, I started my updates in the '80's...Well before it came out!.
If you have any suggestions, let me know, and THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!!! Brian

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