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PANDORA Even's the Scale

A New Design Saves E.D.F.

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Two projects were underway in 2224...The ill-fated Ultra-Dimentional drive experiments, and a plan to answer the DAVID's flawed design. Captain Lord was personally involved with the later.

Lord didn't believe in raising the dead, and didn't support the Argo project...Being the type of man that he was, his objections hardly went unnoticed...The truth was, many a firestorm was felt behind the closed doors of E.D.F.'s board of directors.
A lesser man would have been demoted...but his arguements were not only right, but better than what the designers were comming up with for answers. Thussly, his irritated superiors had no choice but promote him to Admiral...setting him behind a desk to aid in development.

What Admiral Lord came up with, as the best design in Space-battleships since the golden age of ARGO and ANDROMIDA...That simple. His answer was the mighty PANDORA.


Lord's ship was to come in at 1,250 feet in length...A massive, heavy war-wagon with better armorment and defenses then the DAVID. She housed three Wave-Motion Guns, a new engine design and a new type of quad-turret shock cannon. Another advance was a broad-side shock cannon/ energy beam high-breed weapon, the cross-fire gun. These new weapons could fire a devestating salvo abeam, useing energy stored from the shock cannons, cuppled with power supplied from the energy gennerators.


She was commisioned in the closing months of 2227...shortly after the Ultra-Dimentional drive accident. ( Which Lord used to gain funding, crew and other support.)
She was made flag-ship, and sent out for deep-space. Critics called her the "ugly duckling", due to her enormous stern design. But, it was this design that gave her the advantage... Not only did she house a most powerfull armorment, she was a full battle-carrier. She had a fleet of fighters, recon, spy, search and recovery craft stored in her aft section. This self sufficiantcy was to put her at the right place and time, a few years down the road...