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Here will be Updates of when and where the band
will be doing upcoming shows...
And Ill try and find out and leave details on where 2 get tickets and what times the shows will be on ...

Yeovil Labour Club

Date: 31st July 2002

Oct 31st 2002 - Bournmouth
Mr Smiths with Vext and orco

Alice Springs, Yeovil

Date: 15th October 2002


(12.11.02) Alice Springs,

Yeovil doors 8pm 3


6th Dec 2002

Swindon/The Victoria

31.12.02 - The New Year Showdown

Alice Springs, Yeovil


 (includes bands, Djs, fireworks, party bags and more!)

plus, Fun, Alcohol, Soft Drinks and plenty more!

Tickets 15



Make Her Cry, Yeovil Labour Club

Date: 31st July 2002

Author: Liam Fowler

Local melodic metallers Make Her Cry were next to play. This is a band that have definitely built themselves a good live reputation since they formed, playing with such bands as Stegel, Defenestration, Aconite Thrill and thisGIRL. They took to the stage and continued to blast the crowd with their own brand of YO!vil rawk going from delicately tuneful guitar to roaring metallic power chords. They played old favourites such as "Helen Song" and then continued to wow with new uns such as the Glassjaw blaster "Tribute To Yesteryear". Good stuff that I'm sure people will want to see again and again.


Date: 15th October 2002 

Author: Liam Fowler

Local bad boys of metal, Make Her Cry played next, pummelling the crowd with songs from their forthcoming release Slides And Presentations. They played with a tear away circle pit breaking out and all onlookers singing along to Helen Song. Newer songs such as The Child's Art Of Screaming and Duck And Cover went down well, with frontman Paul diving into the crowd letting out some shredding screams but also some soaring vocals (this was accompanied by Sam's powerful backing voice making for a very nice vocal sound).


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