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Here Is A List Of Some Of My Work In Java :

The Simple Web Server :

This is a Simple User-Friendly Web Server that handles HTTP requests. It is Windows based and extremely convenient to configure.

Download The Server

Download Source Code

SQL Tester

This is a user-friendly SQL Tester program that connects to an ODBC Data Source and executes SQL queries entered by the user.

Download The SQL Tester

Download Source Code

RMI Based Chat Application

This is a Chat Application based on Remote Method Invocation in Java.

Download The Chat Application Source Code

CAD Software :

This is a Collection of User-Friendly and Powerful CAD Applications that can be directly tested Online :

Click Here To Test The Software

Graph Plotter :

The Graph Plotter program draws Graph for a specified function in "x" for the specified range. It is a Java Applet and can be viewed through the browser.

Click Here To Test Graph Plotter And Download The Code


By Dattaraj J. Rao View My Resume