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Marlow Cemetery

Stephen County, Oklahoma

The Marlow Cemetery will contain only the names.
Marlow Cemetery is still in used and very large. 
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Last Names (A)
Marlow Cemetery:

Last Name First Name Location 
Aaron Linda Fay
Abbott A.
Able no name
Ables Jim
Ables R. E.
Abney Annie
Abney Benton George
Abney C. T.
Abney C. T. or Joyce
Abney C. T. or Joyce
Abney Frank
Abney Laddie Victoria
Abney Marshall
Abney Mike
Abney Ralph
Abney Rickey Les
Abney Willie James
Abrams E. E.
Abrams Gettie Low
Abrams James E.
Abrams K. P.
Abrams K. P. 
Abrams Lonnie B.
Abrams Minnie Lov
Abrams Neola Susie
Abrams Teresa
Abrams Virgie
Abrams Virgil
Abshire Brandie Sue
Acord A. N.
Acord Alford Newton
Acord Bill
Acord C. D.
Acord Della A.
Acord Ethel Louise
Acord Ida E.
Acord Ira Loyd
Acord J. C.
Acord James Elbert
Acord John C.
Acord Verda Lorene
Acord William Henry
Acord William T.
Acree J. E.
Acrey Ira O.
Acrey John D.
Acrey Lilly
Acrey Mrs Sallie
Acrey nellie
Acrey Sallie Ann
Acrey Tom
Acrey William Riley
Acrey Alice W.
Acuff Diana Gail
Acuff Geroge & Alice
Acuff George C.
Acuff Jesse
Acuff E. 
Adair Brit B.
Adams Danny & Glenda
Adams Dolly S.
Adams Edna Fay
Adams Eslie Jones
Adams Frank
Adams Franklin L.
Adams G. A.
Adams George
Adams George
Adams J. A. 
Adams J. B.
Adams J. D.
Adams J. W.
Adams Joe B.
Adams John
Adams John David
Adams John W.
Adams Lillian V.
Adams Marianne
Adams Mary 
Adams Minnie Mae
Adams Mrs. Opal
Adams Nedra Faye
Adams Opal Lillian
Adams Oscar
Adams R. F.
Adams Rex & Ruby
Adams W. J.
Adams William Albert
Adams Williams R.
Adams Rex
Adkins Alma
Adkins Arthur Clyde, Sr.
Adkins Bessie
Adkins Billie
Adkins Donald S.
Adkins Harrold Dean
Adkins J. J.
Adkins J. J.
Adkins Jarboe Dave
Adkins Jess
Adkins Jesse
Adkins Katie Matilda
Adkins Mable Mae
Adkins Maggie
Adkins Mary A.
Adkins Monroe
Adkins Mrs. J. J.
Adkins Mrs. W. M
Adkins Mrs Walter Charles
Adkins Robert Monroe
Adkins Rodney Parks
Adkins W. F. Sr.
Adkins Walter Charles
Adkins Walter M.
Adkinson Reba Opal
Adkisson Cadder
Adkisson cadder
Adkisson Herbert
Adman Jon W.
Ainsworth Chas.
Ainsworth Ed
Ainsworth Mamie
Ainsworth Mandy Adeline
Akers Mr or Mrs Wayne
Akin Minnie
Akins Oscar M
Albert Lela Ann
Albritton Anna G.
Albritton J. C.
Aldrich Harrison Logan
Aldrich J. S.
Aldrich Jas. S.
Aldrich Mary Ada
Alexander infant child
Alexander no name
Alexander infant child
Alexander infant child
Alexander Adine Lenore
Alexander Agnes Fern
Alexander Alpha Carson
Alexander Ben
Alexander Bill Ray
Alexander Billie
Alexander Charles F.
Alexander Charles F.
Alexander Charles Jr.
Alexander Earl or Eulene
Alexander Elton E.
Alexander G. W.
Alexander George R.
Alexander J. C.
Alexander J. H
Alexander J. H
Alexander Jas Floyd
Alexander Jewel
Alexander Jewell
Alexander Lovene
Alexander Luther T.
Alexander Mary Ellen
Alexander Mary Lucy
Alexander Mary M.
Alexander Michael Douglas
Alexander Nancy J.
Alexander William R.
Allen infant child of F. E. Allen
Allen A. N.
Allen Alvin A.
Allen Archeth Nathaniel
Allen Barbara or Jim
Allen Barbara
Allen Barbara
Allen Carol Francis
Allen Cora
Allen D. H.
Allen Dean
Allen E. J.
Allen Eula Harrison
Allen Ezikial
Allen Finis
Allen Finis Jackson
Allen George A
Allen Gladys
Allen Ira Robert
Allen James T.
Allen Mary Lynn
Allen Mettie M.
Allen Mettie M.
Allen Mettie M
Allen Michael A or Sharon
Allen Paralee Myrtle
Allen Raymond Don
Allen Roma
Allen Sheridan
Allen Stella Maude
Allen W. O.
Allen Willie mae
Allen infant boy
Allison Elisha "Bud"
Allsup (Infant child)
Allsup A Wood
Allsup A. W.
Allsup Andrew Fred
Allsup David A.
Allsup Jo C.
Allsup Sylvia
Alms Irvin F.
Alms Mrs. Christine (transfered to Charles W. Wright-Trustee)
Alms Mrs. Christine
Alsobrook Arcy
Alsobrook Ceula
Alsobrook Bill or Oley
Alsobrook Earl or Arcy
Alsobrook Earl or Arcy
Alsobrook Ernie
Alsobrook Hazel
Alsobrook Kevin Delany or Earl
Alsobrook Noah A.
Alsup Douglas
Alsup Wanda
Alsup Wanda for Harris & Cobb
Alverson Anna L.
Ambrose Helen (Delton & Elton Lamb)
American Legion
Amos Aryel Danielle (infant)
Amos Eastman
Amos Leo M
Amos Lillie
Amos Minnie
Amos Mitchell
Amos Morris Sr.
Amos Morris W.
Amos Morris W. Jr.
Amos Ray Gene
Anderson Amanda
Anderson Aubrey
Anderson Beaulah May
Anderson Beldon C.
Anderson Belton
Anderson Bud
Anderson Chas
Anderson Cherie Dianne (infant)
Anderson Christian M. Wade
Anderson Christian M.
Anderson D. T.
Anderson D .T.
Anderson Della Lillian
Anderson Denton (trans. to)
Anderson Dixie Ann
Anderson E. C.
Anderson Edward C.
Anderson Elbert Dean
Anderson Ellen Hupp
Anderson Gary
Anderson Gilbert
Anderson H. D.
Anderson Harry Lee
Anderson Hugo Clyde
Anderson J. K.
Anderson J. T. (Jake)
Anderson James
Anderson James
Anderson Jeptha C.
Anderson Joe
Anderson Joe Jr.
Anderson John A.
Anderson Labitha
Anderson Lavina Mae
Anderson Lawand Jean
Anderson Lottye Mae
Anderson Lou (wife of J. L.)
Anderson Mary A.
Anderson Mrs. Dean
Anderson Mrs. Odis
Anderson Odis F.
Anderson R. M.
Anderson Rosa O.
Anderson S. H. (Silas Henry)
Anderson Thelma
Anderson Wilmer
Andrada Atanacie Soto
Annett Bert
Annett Burt O.
Annett Mrs. Bert
Annett Mrs. Bert
Anthony Cam
Anthony Carolyn Jane
Anthony Curtis Murton
Anthony H. F.
Anthony James C. (Jimmy)
Anthony Jerry Joe
Anthony John S.
Anthony Mattie
Anthony Mattie
Anthony Mrs. C. M.
Anthony Nannie
Anthony Nannie J
Anthony Ola Christina
Anthony Paul W.
Anthony Sam
Anthony Travis
Anthony Travis 
Anthony Travis D.
Anthony Travis D. or Frankie B. or Terry D.
Apple B. M
Apple C. M.
Apple E. D. or Edna or Phillip
Apple Ed or Edna or Philip
Apple Elmer
Apple Jewell
Apple Ken or Linda Thompson
Apple Mattie E.
Apple Rena Juanita
Applegate Ada
Applegate J. H.
Applegate Joe H.
Applegate Joseph W.
Arbucle Belle Shields
Ard May
Ard Velma
Ard Velma Avis
Ardrey Belle B.
Ardrey Eura May
Ardrey J. W.
Ardrey James Wesley
Ardrey Jas. B.
Ardrey Mrs. Paul
Ardrey Paul Franklin
Ardrey Robert Dairl
Armstrong A. L.
Armstrong Bruce W. (infant)
Armstrong Clifton L.
Armstrong D. M.
Armstrong Etta Marie
Armstrong Forest & Lucille
Armstrong Forrest LeRoy
Armstrong H. Lucille
Armstrong Ivan L. or Jane Ellen
Armstrong J. C.
Armstrong J. N.
Armstrong J. T.
Armstrong J. W.
Armstrong Jerrel Donavon
Armstrong Jim
Armstrong Jimmy C.
Armstrong John Chance (infant)
Armstrong John W.
Armstrong Joy & George
Armstrong Mabeth M
Armstrong Michael K.
Armstrong Mrs. A. L.
Armstrong Myrtle May
Armstrong Ples
Armstrong Sarah Ann
Armstrong Terry D.
Armstrong Ty Donavon
Arnn Jas. R.
Arnold Franklin Lesley
Arnold Fanklin, Hazel Arnold & Edna Howerton
Arnold Hazel Lucille
Arnold John Phillip
Arnold Mary E.
Arnold Ola Mae
Aschenbeck A. H. (Dutch)
Aschenbeck Ruby Lee
Aschenbeck Ruby Lee
Ash Lucinda Alice
Ashly J. H. (infant child)
Asnett (infant Child)
Asnett (infant Child)
Asnett Leroy
Atkins Andy
Atkins Blanche Arline
Atkins Caroline
Atkins Chas
Atkins Joe
Atkins Melvina
Atkins W. T.
Atkinson Geo. J.
Atkinson George W.
Atkinson H. L.
Atkinson Lewis or Tommie
Atkinson Mrs Rosa C.
Atkinson Myrtle
Atkinson Rosa C.
Atkinson V. R.
Atkinson Virgil
Auld Elisha D
Auld Terry Dean
Auld William Kenneth
Austin D. L.
Autrey A. L.
Autrey A. L.
Autrey Bertha
Autrey Francis E.
Autrey Lester Cleveland
Autrey Mrs. L. C.
Autrey R. L.
Autrey Ruel Lee
Autry Ada Mae
Autry G. W.
Autry Gertie G.
Autry Grady Lestery
Autry Leon Houston
Autry Mildred
Autry Minnie Grace
Autry Mrs. L. C.
Autry Mrs. L. C.
Autry Roy
Aynes Lawrence M.


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