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Who do I think should be vice president? Me, of course. Me and Buddy are tight. Okay not tight, but I would be the perfect person to run with him. I'm smart, charming, and was student body president for my senior class. You don't think I should be VP? Okay here are a few others I thought of...


Dan Quayle

Next to this dude, Buddy could never do anything wrong! TheyŐd always blame it on Quayle.


Colin Powell

He knows he wants to be in the White House. He just hasnŐt found the running mate yet. Buddy Lee's your man, Colin. He's got integrity, like you.

Michael Jackson

Buddy would look real compared to the king of pop.



Her too.



I don't know who this guy is, but he looks like an idiot. All the better, it would leave Buddy to make the decisions.


SGT. Savage

'nuff said



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