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Dear Mr. President: Words of Resistance, Reason, and Peace

Letter To Congress On Bombing in Afghanistan
From NETWORK, a National Catholic Social Justice Lobby

October 9, 2001

We, at NETWORK, respond with great sadness to the bombing of Afghanistan.

The military action begun on Sunday, October 7, came as Catholics attending Sunday liturgy were listening to the Biblical passage of Habakkuk. The death and destruction caused by ongoing military action in Afghanistan only perpetuate the cycle of violence that the September 11 attacks brought to our shores. Please discontinue these actions as we pursue more effective ways to bring to justice the perpetrators of terrorism.

We, at NETWORK, agree that a long and protracted war against terrorism includes many different strategies. Ongoing diplomatic, economic and political efforts to prevent future terrorist violence provide us with hope that the events of September 11 will not be repeated. We are also heartened by humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan and a concerted effort to bolster U.S. intelligence efforts to infiltrate and disband terrorist groups.

In contrast, we do not believe that military force is an effective instrument of peace.

Our prayers are with you as you weigh the current situation and make choices for our country during this difficult time.

from Network Lobby


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