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The Angel Company Unmounted and  Mounted Rubber Stamps

The Angel Company Retired Stamps List - Rubber Stamps to be discontinuedRetired Stamps List:

The Angel Company has just released it's list of discontinued rubber stamps.  These stamps will not appear in the new catalog and will be retired after June 30, 2004.

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Rubber Stamps

about the angel company rubber stamps...

View the Rubber Stamp Categories menu on your left for The Angel Company online rubber stamp catalog.  The Angel Company rubber stamp catalog is also available for purchase. The spiral bound color catalog includes unmounted and mounted rubber stamps, lots of rubber stamping ideas, full line of inks, paper, embossing powder, embellishments and more! 

The Angel Company rubber stamps and rubber stamp sets are offered as wood mounted rubber stamps or unmounted rubber stamps. All art stamps from The Angel Company come ready for you to assemble. 

Wood Mounted Rubber Stamps 

The Angel Company wood mounted rubber stamps come complete with wood blocks, attached gray foam cushion, indexing labels and a storage container. 

Unmounted Rubber Stamps

The Angel Company unmounted rubber stamps come with cling mounting cushion and a storage container. 

How to use unmounted rubber stampsHOW DO i USE UNMOUNTED STAMPS?

Using unmounted stamps with acrylic blocks will not only save you money, but you will save storage space as well.   All unmounted stamps come with cling mounting cushion, and a storage container. 

Once your stamps arrive, simply peel off the backing from the adhesive side of the mounting cushion and mount it to your rubber stamp. Next, trim the excess rubber using a sharp pair of scissors.  I recommend the Kai Gold scissors (available in The Angel Company Catalog) as they are great for cutting rubber.  Finally, peel off the backing from the cling side of the cushion and you are ready to go. 

Still confused?

acrylic_mount_example.jpg (5012 bytes)You are using the clear acrylic blocks to take the place of the wood mount.  You will choose the appropriate sized block to fit your stamp and press your stamp onto the block. It stays in place by static cling. Once you are finished with the stamp, you peel it off of the mount and then place it back into your container. The older-style CD cases (not slimline) work perfectly for storage.  You only need to purchase one set of mounts in a variety of sizes since you are using them over and over. I recommend the Acrylic Mounting Starter Kit (available in the catalog for $14.00 plus tax & shipping).

Acrylic handles are perfect for using Alphabets! 

How do I store my unmounted rubber stamps?

I recommend using CD cases for storage of your unmounted rubber stamps. Be sure to use the older style CD cases as opposed to the newer slimline cases. (NOTE: Avoid storing your rubber stamps close to the eThe Angel Company - unmounted rubber stamp storage in cd casedges of the CD case since there are raised lines that will make indentions on your stamps. I mark off these areas with a marker.) 
Index your rubber stamps by making an insert for each case and put a label on the edge. Storage bins make great containers and are portable so you can take them anywhere.


The Angel Company - unmounted rubber stamp storage in cd caseThe Angel Company - unmounted rubber stamp storage in cd case