Antony's Eulogy for Brutus


Here lies the body of honorable Brutus,

Bleeding and crying from death as we look upon it.

Such an honorable man he was.

Conceived by a noble family and raised with pride.

For Rome, familial pride for his ancestry.

Gentle Brute, had beautiful character with Portia, his love.

Dead are they both, yet Brutus before the time of destruction,

Loved Portia and humbly cared for her,

imparting the deepest secrets of his conscience unto her,

until his last secret undid her.

Of such honor was Brutus constructed of that even to Cassius,

Whose palm itched and eyes burned with jealousy for Brutus,

Brutus gave honest mind and trusting eyes.

Cassius plundered and looted the good that was Brutus and

In his jealousy used Brutus' weakness against him: love of Rome.

What a weakness!

Love and fatherhood for Rome.

Brutus died for his Rome and for its people.

His blood is on us, and we shall be honored.

Even with Caesar was Brutus honest.

Killing Caesar only for his ambition, not in human jealousy as did the others.

Brutus was my friend and together we were Romans.

Had he not but innocently tempted the power of the state,

I would have never conflicted with such an honorable man as Brutus was.

He shames us all; his death is for Rome and its posterity.

Once he said: "that, as I slew my best lover for the good of Rome, I have the same dagger for myself, when it shall please my country to need my death."

Brutus is dead, untimely gone through with his own sword.

But not for Rome's good.

Live Brutus, live!

Your death for Rome defends your honor.

I and Rome shall weep for the loss of the honorable man

That you were.

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